The Simple Truth About Togetherness

Today I watched as twenty-five people came together to pray for a woman who had lost hope in traditional cancer treatment. She was frail, weighing about 70 pounds. She held on to a bedpan in case she had to cough, as it brought up blood. Her daughter was there. Her mother was there. Even her 93-year-old grandmother was there to pray for a miracle with some members of the church.

We all gathered around our friend bringing our special gifts to the service. They asked me to come and sing. Some people spoke

Others brought healing with flowers, crystals, Reiki, readings, and poems. Then one elderly woman got up and played the harmonica. I will post a picture of the moment later today when I get back to Nashville, as I’m in Knoxville now. The moment was precious and unique in so many ways. She played “Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.” Her music made me smile and weep at the same time.

We all gathered at the end of the healing service to share in one last healing affirmation.  We all repeated this over her three times.

Togetherness is power. I guess that’s why the scriptures say that wherever two or more are gathered, God will be present. I felt power in that moment, and I feel power every time I combine my spirit with another like-minded spirit.

I came to this service heavy hearted. On the way to Knoxville, my now ex-partner had called me and told me that he had found an apartment and was moving out. He said that he still wanted a relationship, but wanted to live in separate places, for reasons I won’t discuss here.

I mention this, not for comfort or for pity, but because what I experienced today was the exact opposite of what was happening in my life. God was filling the gap with people of like mind. Afterward, the minister and my dearest friend prayed with me about my life, which also gave me very strong peace. God shared with me my own special message here in Knoxville about what it means to be together.

Listen, not every relationship is meant to make it to the forever stage. Some relationships you have to try on to discover that it’s just not the right fit for you. I’ve made a wonderful, lifelong friend, I’m sure. But our ideals are not the same when it comes to togetherness.

Togetherness is about the binding of two spirits and minds. It’s about the collaboration of two hearts to find solace in the merit of one stronger bond. Love in relationship is about secure attachment and the ability to depend upon each other without the risk of feeling like a child or a codependent. Secure attachment is spending quiet nights at home with no drama, cuddled up watching your favorite television shows—sometimes alone, sometimes together.

Finally, togetherness takes a spiritual binding of two minds of equal yoking. If two people are of like mind spiritually, there is a rock-solid undercurrent of stability that will last through the hardest of times


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