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The dictionary defines reservoir as: a supply or source of something, such as tapping into a universal reservoir of information. Each of us has our own source of energy that never runs dry. We are, however, like a battery that needs to be recharged daily to keep our mental, spiritual, and physical charge at its optimum. So, filling our soul with energy provides the necessary nutrients in every area of our lives to do our work, take care of our bodies, build our dreams, and nurture those we love. How do we do this?

Imagine that your soul is like that icon in the upper right hand corner of your cell phone or laptop that tells you how much power you have left in your battery. Every time you use your mind, your body, or your heart some of that energy gets depleted. If you didn’t plug in your laptop for the next day’s usage, you would have a dead computer or cell phone and not be able to do anything you set out to do. Think out discouraged you would be without your computer or cell phone. Yet, most of us run around with empty batteries in our own bodies, daily, trying to create, love, and nurture children with no resource left for anyone, including yourself.

Our source in life is, also, The Source of the universe. We can always be one in it and as it. This is a constant. But we do have one responsibility as humans, connected to that Source. If we don’t plug our consciousness into Divine Source, then we never get recharged. We stay depleted and running on empty, which causes anxiety, stress, and fatigue to the body—even disease. So, if you want to tap into the essential reservoir of Source, you must—MUST—plug into source, sit quietly and wait to be recharged, before you use your God-given energy on anything in life.

For me, this time is called Meditation. (Yes, you have time to meditate. If you have time to sleep, you have time to meditate.) You just have to get used to doing it. Meditation often makes me feel as if I have had more sleep than if I had slept in. You don’t have to make a huge ritual out of Meditation. You simply need to do it; however you are able. For me, it’s setting up a recliner with a comfortable blanket and pillow before I go to bed the night before; setting my alarm and Insight Timer for 1 hour before I usually arise; and creating an intention before I go to sleep.

The recliner and the alarm are easy enough to do. Wake up early, going to your recliner while no one else is up to disturb you, and sitting quietly, you will find to be a great time of peace. However, making an intention is the key to keeping your mind alert during the meditation, so that you don’t fall back to sleep. The dream state of mind is an okay place to be, to sleep, but when you want to create WITH Divine Mind, as in meditation or prayer, you must be alert enough to flow in the energy of Divine Mind, to create and shape this unformed energy, or subjective space.

This is the purpose of the intention and the all-important Insight Timer App. The App rings a gong every few minutes so that your consciousness stays alert while your body remains asleep. If you are adept enough at getting up and being ready for your mediation in the morning, you can almost sleep walk to your chair, as I do.

The key that makes the difference is deciding on an affirmation or treatment that you’ll repeat every time the insight timer goes off. This morning, my affirmation was: “I commit completely to my dreams as prosperity flows in and through me always, creating a reservoir of abundance for what I want to do, am led to do, and what completes my joyful and thankful heart and lots more.” Then, when the gong resounded, I repeated just a small portion of the affirmation: “As I move forward with my dreams, a reservoir of abundance is always with me!”

It’s that easy!

Meditation Photo

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