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Many times, I start out my day by telling myself—with affirmations—all the right things to create a healthy, peaceful mind. I treat for prosperity, joy, and love. Yet, somewhere in the day, my mind begins to tell me the complete opposite of what I want to believe. How do I stop the mental gibberish and chatter to remain at peace?

Wow! Is this even a possibility? Well, I’m here to tell you a story about how my own affirmations have changed my ability to stop the negative chatter. After months and, perhaps, years, I had an experience recently that showed me my negative reactions to life are completely insignificant and that maintaining peace is about changing my normal negative beliefs to TRUTH—each one of them.

Last Monday through Wednesday, my week began to have a series of negative causes, starting with $2000 spent on my car, a blow out on the Interstate, and no calls from my acting agent. Normally, this kind of week would create negative thoughts about not having enough money, not being a good enough actor to succeed in a tough business, or just general “why do bad things happen to me” thoughts. But, every time a negative thought would come to mind—before it had a chance to fester and cause circular negative thinking—I convinced myself that God and I were on the same page. All things were going EXACTLY as intended. All I had to do was believe that and act AS IF I was okay with all of it. Nothing more.

The tide changed when I picked up my niece and nephew from school on Thursday morning. Before I had a chance to tell my nephew my back window was broken and wouldn’t go back up if he opened the window, of course, HE OPENED THE WINDOW. That morning, I had plans immediately afterward, and I didn’t have the money or the desire to spend 350 dollars more this week on my car. After he I got a little grumpy with the kids, but didn’t over react. I simply told them that Uncle Bo should have told them that window was broken, but now it will not go up. I was honest and shared that I was a little frustrated.

We all sat in silence for a short while. They seemed to respect my need for a moment to gather my thoughts. I asked them if they wouldn’t mind if we stopped at the drug store. I shared that the car dealer taught me a trick to get the window to go up if it had ever gotten stuck in the down position. After I stopped the car, I tried the trick 3 times, without it working. In my mind, I began to accept the situation and thought about how I would tape a garbage bag over the window and just get on with my day. “God had my back! Accept the now with grace,” is what I told myself.

Suddenly, from the back seat, my nephew yells: “Uncle Bo, the window went up!”

“Wow,” I said, “Thank you, God! I’m so relieved. Did you pray about that to make it happen!”

He said, “No, but I believed really hard!”

I said, “Well, that is prayer! You did a good job.” Then I turned to my niece, “How about you? Did you pray?”

She answered, “No, but I’m amazed that you didn’t get mad and react badly and blame us for what happened!”

I was able to then explain to them about how I was learning to trust God in every moment, even when things looked bad. They were able to share with me their thoughts about that very adult subject. All in all, I believe we had a teaching moment that changed their young lives all because I didn’t let negativity rule my mind.

As a result, the rest of the day was one of the best days of my life! I spent the entire day at peace and loving every small moment as if it were a present! Well, it was a present—from Spirit!

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