The Survivors

Charles Darwin said, “The people most responsive to change are the survivors!” Change is inevitable, happening all around us, all of the time. The future is clay in your hands, waiting to be molded, sculpted, and fired in the eternal kiln of the subjective realm of consciousness, where all life takes shape. Are you courageous enough to take the steering wheel of your life and let intuition, the law of mind, and spirituality create the perfect order in your life?

If a bird instinctively goes in the right direction for warmth, and a hundred birds can fly in perfect order, what do you need to do to tap into this instinctive Mind that would allow you to press forward into the unknown with certainty of your highest calling? If animals can do it to survive, humans can, as well.

I say, “Now is the time to change your history by changing your mind.” Nothing can become different in your life unless you see it anew. The action of being able to envision your life in a new way is the secret to your success, which may have eluded you, your entire life.

Most of my life, I have fought against the wind, kicking and screaming about how difficult life was. Who wouldn’t think life was hard, if he were trying to swim upstream? Every moment of every day would be a struggle just to stay alive. Yet, most of us live with the intent to fight the natural movement of life that directs us to our amazing cause and create perfect effects in our lives.

The combination of moving with this flow and directing the flow with our Super Conscious Mind is learning to take the dynamic Laws of Spirit and direct your future into new and wonderful paradigms. Are you ready for to take the steering wheel at the helm of your ship today? If so, then listen up!

All you need to do is spend the first few moment of every day listening with intent. I’ll explain this more fully:

Choose a time to get up an hour before you need to be anywhere. What I do is set up a place in the living room on a recliner with my Insight Timer (an free App to help you meditate) on the table next to where I’ll be sitting in the morning.

I set my alarm clock for the exact same time everyday to awake and meditate before the sun comes up (5:30).

  1. Generally, I have a very purposeful and directed creative thought in mind to focus on. I speak this aloud. My declaration to spirit this morning sounded like this: “Unlimited Good, I am one with your abundance and knowledge now. Anything I need to know to help me express as this abundance today, show me in ways I can easily understand. Thank you for your awesomeness. I release this prayer to God.”
  2. Then, I sit quietly.
  3. As I have set my insight timer to ring a bell every five minutes, my conscious mind awakens at the sound of the bell, though my body lies still.
  4. When I hear the bell, I repeat a smaller version of my prayer, much like an affirmation: “God is abundance. I express the nature of God as abundance now.”
  5. Then I wait in the silence again.

Enjoy the amazing insights and power you will get from taking the time to create your amazing future tomorrow! Namaste.

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