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I never much feared death, even as a child. So, when I checked into the hospital for a colonoscopy, I was more intrigued by the results than scared. Death seems as if it would be more of a stepping-stone into a grand adventure and bliss, than mere morbidity. I’m not sure how or why I feel this way, but I have carried this feeling into my adulthood, for different reasons, though. Now, human life is just difficult in so many ways. Every step, every relationship, every work situation has the possibility or threat of going awry. When you experience too many bad times in life, you begin to feel that bad is the norm, and good is simply an anomaly.

I would never take my own life, but if I had gotten diagnosed with a fatal disease such as cancer, I wondered if I would treat it. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a death wish. Two days ago, I even went so far as to ask the colorectal surgeon not to tell my friend who accompanied me what my results were. I wanted the information all to myself, so I could chew on it and decide my own fate. Yes, looking back, it was a bit morbid, but, nonetheless, real and honest.

I don’t have too many friends or clients, for that matter, who haven’t, at least, thought about taking his/her life, once. Sometimes, the human existence is just too hurtful to fathom. You want out, and death would seem the easiest way. For me, though, the pain of death seems to scare me out of any delusion any time I’ve ever had ideations such as that.

And you say, “He’s a life coach. Even he has negative feelings!” Yes, of course, I do. What I learn most about being a life coach is that many of us feel exactly the same. However, what we do with our lives and our ideations is the difference between depression and health. If one has a proclivity toward depression, he or she should stay on an antidepressant to keep balance and stay away from the big highs and the way lows. Find a good psychiatrist and stick to your meds, especially, if you have a mental disorder. I stay on a low dosage of citalopram just to keep my serotonin levels normal, because I have the propensity to spiral low, especially during times of mucky, murky weather. Overcast days just take me to my lowest lows, sometimes.

So, my results were negative for colon cancer. Was I relieved? To be honest, yes. As a dear friend who felt as ambivalent about human life as I did once, told me, “You never know how precious life is until you get a death sentence. Then, you seem to savor every moment, even the bad ones.” Linda died of colon cancer about three years ago to the day. She had been one of my best friends for twenty years. I still grieve the loss.

Sometimes, I hear her voice calling to me from the ethers, “Come up higher, Bo! Come listen to the angels with me. It’s really amazing up here.” Then, she giggles like a little girl, as she always did, though she was in her late fifties. I wonder if her voice is merely my imagination, or if spirits really do exist outside of humanity. My extreme hope is that they do, because my entire life premise is based on that possibility.

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