The Time Is Now

“Come on! Hurry up,” I say to my mother every time I walk out of the apartment. “We’re going to be late!” It’s as if, I think, that I’m going to miss what’s up ahead if I don’t hurry and get everyone else with me to mirror my gate. In some ways, this is great. We want to look forward to the future with clear dreams, but not at the expense of missing the present.

Everything you know and feel is in this moment. If you don’t experience this moment fully, then you never get it back, no matter how many selfies you take of it. Remembering a moment and experiencing a moment are two very different feelings.

For some peculiar reason I have been having optical issues for seven months, ever since I went on a cruise to the Caribbean. I have had swelling in my iris that causes redness and itchiness. All of the expensive eyedrops that were prescribed cause my vision to be blurred, because they contain steroids. As a result, I now own three pair of different prescription glasses, because I simply don’t know how impaired my vision will be on any given day.

I have had to get my tear ducts cleared three times, which involves sticking a four-inch needle into my eye and flushing the duct with saline solution. It’s an awful feeling. If I don’t get this done, I look as though I’m crying all the time. The entire incident with my eyes has caused me to really pray and meditate about what needs to change in my life, because I’m absolutely sure there must be a metaphor somewhere in this mess that I simply haven’t seen. (Just by rereading this discovery I see about ten metaphors already. See if you spot them!)

I tell you all of this, because, sometimes, the now is not the most pleasant place to be. Sometimes, the now can be rife with questions and even pain. But the most important place to exist is in this present moment. Now holds all of the information in the universe you need to exist and transform your life. So, three days ago, I decided, after seven months of medication stopping the symptoms, that I was going to quit taking the eye drops and try feeling the problem again, maybe this time with a clearer mind.

When I first got the symptoms, I was on vacation. But, soon after, my live-in partner decided he wasn’t sure that I was the person he wanted to spend the rest of his life with, so he moved out. In some ways, I feel that the blurriness was telling me that the loving and kind behavior I saw from my partner on that vacation needed a closer look. I didn’t listen to the voice inside and was blind-sided by his sudden need to move out and move on. His decision was precise and authentic. I give him praise for knowing what he wanted. But my present moment was rightly eschewed as a result of his reality. So, I began taking medication right about then.

I’m in a different place now. I feel free and more powerful than I have in many years. So, I’m not reluctant at all to try this experiment with my eyes. The worst-case scenario is that I get back on the eye drops again. But…

“I know that God is all wholeness and that no illness exists in the plane of spirit. I proclaim that I am a part of this magnificent and healing Oneness of God and Spirit. As I feel thankful for this understanding, I treat for my own illness with clarity and perfect eye sight, as Jesus, the Master said, ‘Physician, heal thyself!’”

After I speak into existence my own healing, I release my prayer to the one God who wants all good and healing for me. I know this to be true. I know this to be right and true for you as well. So, I’m going to ask you to pray this prayer with me today. Let’s all pray for each other and watch the evidence of prayer change our world.


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