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We can assume that since all things have been made from one beginning or creative source that creation itself holds clues to what God is. Also, because if man was created in the image of Source, we must somehow be a reflection of God. This, of course, is the great mystery of life, which theologians throughout history have tried to understand.

Let’s take, for instance, electricity and how humans use it to get to my point. We have a source (electricity), an action (humans plugging into the source), and a cause (a manifestation of the use of electricity: illumination, for example). Even though we have described the trinity of the law of electricity, we have neither recognized where electricity comes from or its origins. We use it. We know it works. But, we have no idea—really—how it first manifested.

The Electric Universe Theory is widely debunked by many scientists. No scientists can come with any great conclusions about how the universe and electricity came to be with certainty. We do agree, however, on the fact that electricity exists and its powers helped create the universe. Does this acknowledge or define its Creator? I don’t think so.

I have described Laws, which governs the earth and man surrounding electricity, but only have glimpses of what may or may not have created it. Again, we are back to trying to find what Creator is by seeing its many manifestations in the universe.

The greatest source of seeing God is our own human nature and our ability to create. These attributes are the closest we come to understanding God. By looking at man, we see that we have a source of energy, Divine Mind or Spirit (which we all share, like electricity), a physical brain, which causes action and deliberate intention (outlets for the electricity), and we, also, have the result (cause: lights turning on and toast being burnt) of what we believe as a manifestation. We see this law everyday as we dream and create our lives. My question, and this has been my question for a long time: how involved in our human lives is God, the Source?

Almost every religion has come up with a threefold understanding of God. We understand that God is not only the source, but also the action, and the cause. To this end, we see one well know example in Christianity, the Trinity: Father gives birth to Jesus; Jesus gives birth to the Holy Spirit; the Holy Spirit guides or leads man to truth.

Most Christians say that Jesus IS God, and the Holy Spirit IS also God. The theory here is that all three: Source, Action, and Cause make up the One. So, this is how we have come up with a Triune God. For me, I agree with Paul the Apostle, who has been recorded as saying, “We see through a glass dimly” (1 Cor. 13:12). At best, we only still see just a very dim reflection of God, even in this example of the trinity.

I great metaphor to understand my question is in the planting of a seed in the earth’s rich soil. We have a creative source, the soil, and we have a multitude of seeds from which to plant. The soil does not care what seed we use. It simply holds the energy to birth the seed. So, the soil is impersonal. If we don’t like what we plant, we can pull out the plant and start again with a new seed.

So, with this metaphor we realize that either God is completely impersonal, like the soil, or God is completely separate from the Law, and only the Law is impersonal.

Or we can say, as the Triune theory does, that all are the same in one Godhead. If I were to postulate that the Law is God, then I would really have to believe that if the Law = God, and the Laws of the universe are completely impersonal, then God, too, is completely impersonal.

I choose to believe that the metaphor we see in the planting of a seed and in the use of electricity IS the Law from God. Perhaps, though, we should stick to using this Source for creating Good, instead of trying to find the face of God in the Law. I like the idea of the Trinity for defining the use of the Law useful, but I don’t see the sense in trying to define God, the Source, from an impersonal Law.


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