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After seeing the movie, The Wolf of Wall Street, my mind returned to a time when I worked on Wall Street in the 80s. I worked for a large, worldwide bank in the stocks division. We ran a hedge fund that was based on “baskets” of stock from different countries, as part of a diversifying effort for investors. Most of the time that I worked there, the company was trying to find its footing or losing money, so the atmosphere was always tense. Twice, while there, guys had heart attacks right in the office. I vowed, then, that I wouldn’t go into that frenzy with my mind or my money.

As I look back on the days, though, instead of taking suggestions from a know-it-all in the dressing room at the YMCA, I could have grabbed some Yahoo or Google for the initial asking price, which was around $1.50 for each, if I remember correctly. Well, I’m not sure how sucked into the tumult I would have become had I seen $500 turn into $50,000 in a couple years, but I try not to look back with defeat.

I have invested in many things, sometimes, even stocks, but the biggest investment in life has been with friendships and relationships. I wonder if giving your time and energy to friends and intimate partners is just as risky or even riskier than the stock market. If there were a large, African American congregations around me, I’d be saying, “Do I hear an Amen?” ‘Cause it’s damn true.

Caroline Myss wrote a couple books comparing our own energy systems in the body to investing money in the market. Basically, she says that each of us has 100% energy to invest every day. We try to balance where we invest this energy. 50% goes to the job. 20% goes to relationship. 30% goes to our children. Oops, that’s all I have left. There isn’t any more energy to invest in myself! Sorry, Charlie.

You, also, have people who invest more than they have—sort of like on personal credit. You give 65% to the job, 20% to your husband, 15% to studying, and another 25% to the children. Wow, that’s investing 125%. So, where does the other 25% of energy come from?

Good question! Caroline says it comes from the weakest energy system or chakra in your body. So, for the guys on Wall Street who had the heart attacks, it came from the heart chakra; therefore, depleting them of the energy they needed for their hearts to tick!

If you are having trouble in a bad relationship, your energy may get zapped from the second chakra, which is the digestive system, lower back, below the navel, and sexuality. Sometimes, you can see when people are giving too much to this chakra, because they gain weight, hoping they can feed the lack of energy with food. However, that doesn’t work when you see a loss of vital energy. So, you can begin to define the paradigm here for yourself. When you invest more than you have, you cause a depletion of vital and spiritual energy in your own body, which then can result—and often does—in sickness and disease.

So, go back to the drawing table and figure out how much energy you can dole out to the different areas of your life. Then, make all of it add up to 100%. If it goes over the 100% mark, then you are liable to be cheating your body of vital energy and end up sick and debilitated.

So, the true Wolf of Wall Street is that dark part of our own minds that wants more, needs more, and will borrow from even our bodies because of greed and desire. Don’t be that person, today! Change your mind, Change your body!


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