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“The storehouse of Nature maybe filled with good, but this good is LOCKED to the ignorant,” Ernest Holmes writes in The Science of Mind, p. 33. He goes on to say that: “The finite alone is wrought and suffered, but the Infinite Lies in Smiling Repose!

Consider your options in this world. Do you want to recapitulate, or worse yet, keeping trying to relive the past—OR, do you want to create a new and exciting world that flows with the inevitable change of life? The latter is wrought with pain and suffering, as Holmes says. The Infinite lies waiting in Smiling Repose!

I think about my own life and how many times I have tried to recapture the intimate love of past relationships. Every time, the venture has been wrought with pain and suffering. But, everything new I have attempted to create in my life, now, as I have stepped forward into my new endeavors in Southern Florida—flourishes, without much effort. Why is that so?

First of all, everyday, I use the energy that I had spent on ephemeral relationships to move forward with my creative abilities. Intimate love had kept me from the reason I am here on this earth. I have known for a long time what my soul purpose is, but the Infinite in me had been waiting in “Smiling Repose” for me to answer the call and step into my new Ruby Red Slippers.

Yes, home is not an imaginary world with good witches and bad witches and lands of munchkins and talking trees. Home is the place in our hearts where we settle into our true calling. If you haven’t found that place, perhaps it’s time to begin the search. If you struggle finding peace in what you do and how you do it; maybe, effective change should be the model of your brand new future.

Leaving your old life is easier than you can imagine. Moving forward doesn’t require leaving town, abandoning your family, or changing jobs. It requires one thing and one thing only: A SHIFT IN THE MIND TO THE INFINITE POSSIBILITY IN YOU!

This shift happens in a moment or in small increments, depending on how much time and interest you have in searching for that Holy Grail. For me, it took the three months of selling my home in Nashville and living in the skeleton of my life, barely furnished, mostly packed away, with just my computer and a chair to meditate. In those quiet moments of repose, life unfolded!

Begin your new path today!

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