The “Why Me?” Syndrome

I know of no one in my life who hasn’t suffered the “why me?” syndrome. We all go through times of distress and pain. No one is immune to this human syndrome. The questions is, however, how do we deal with problematic situations and painful outcomes? If you can see yourself as handling the above with poise and peace, then you have no need to read the rest. If you struggle with this problem, read on.

Absolutely, without any other suggestions, I can tell you, right now, that if you believe that you ARE your body and your life and your story, then you will never move through life with poise. You must believe that you are a spirit living in a body. Your mind or soul is not necessarily a part of the programming involved in the neural pathways of your brain. Your thoughts may be a part of the programming, especially the fearful ones, but your desire to be able to live, breathe and move with poise outside the human paradigm is certainly not a result of the habitual programming in your brain.

The age old theory of standing above your life, as if on a bridge looking from above, is the only way to truly consider life and its misgivings as part of the whole picture of change and biorhythms of your life. For instance, if I were to have my roof blown off in a windstorm (which happened last year around this time) and no others in my neighborhood were touched by the storm, then I might assume that I was the target of this wind. If, instead, I see that the wind was simply an anomaly and doing its job, I may react completely differently to the situation.

The fact is, I did react differently. I sat in my living room rather stunned and amazed. I thought, I wonder what this is about. I looked at my situation from outside and was able to quickly make choices I don’t think I could have made had I been as my mother was, frantic and reactive. I had the electric company and the insurance company called, and contacted a friend I knew who fixed roofs within the hour. I had a new roof within the week. Since my roof was old and needed to be replaced within two years, I actually made out on the deal. “Poor me?” Absolutely not. Lucky me!

I choose not to be swayed by the winds of life. I am not simply my body and my programmed mind. I am a spirit made of the living God and created in the image of truth and wisdom. If I focus in on that belief, every perspective changes in my life.

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