The Willow Bends

I remember a time when I was a child. My family had a huge willow tree in the back yard. We hung off it, had a large rope swing tied to it, and often climbed its gnarled limbs. As its branches were already close to the ground, during a windstorm, the tree would almost bow toward the earth in humble adoration. I remember this image as if it were yesterday.

I love how nature mimics and almost exemplifies how Spirit hopes we act in times of inevitable stress. With roots as deep as its height, the tree had the leverage to bend and sway with the wind’s calling. How deep our your roots in what you believe?

I find it simple to measure the depth of my faith. Every day offers so many ways to see just how much I believe in the Law of Good and Grace. I get stuck in traffic. How do I act? I miss a text message and don’t answer with the right words, offending a friend. How do I react? I dress for sun and it rains vehemently. Am I disappointed? I lose my job or someone dies who is close. Do I think that God is bad or Spirit is personally hurting me?

Everything in life is like the wind. Sometimes its still and lets us flow on our own. But other times the wind is harsh and pushes us in directions unimaginable. Do we hold on with dear life, trying not to move? Or do we let go into the arms of Love and find a home in the hapless and joyful ways of the wind?

I wish I could say that I haven’t been holding on for dear life sometimes. It is within all of our natures to get rigid rather than bend. One great thing about the spiritual and physical practice of yoga is that it teaches us to be limber and soften the ways of our rigid bodies to prepare us for the bowing me must do to stay present with life.

Let’s take a lesson from nature today in our spiritual search for wisdom. Look at the ways the flowers gently bloom, sometimes whither in the hot sun, but often find roots deep enough to get to the water deeper in the earth that they need to flourish again the next morning.


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