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Yesterday, I heard a great acronym from Dr. Chris Michaels for the word think. With the idea of mindfulness about what you speak and with what intent you convey it, use these 5 tools to decide whether or not what you have to say is worth putting out into the universe:

T – Is what you are about to say T-rue? Are you sure it’s true, or have you just heard it from someone else? Remember that untruths about another person can hurt them badly. If you’re never been on the opposite side of a false accusation, you will never know how painful untrue words can be.

H – Is what you are about to share H-elpful? Are your words going to undergird someone’s confidence with heartfelt compassion and praise? If we spent more time using our words to give people praise and confidence, more of the world would be smiling. Choose someone you may not have even spoken to today and give them a word of confidence?

I – Will what you say I-nspire someone to do better, think with more acuity, and move them forward in their life’s pursuits? Remember you can pass on positivity in the world by using your words to inspire people to better, kinder, and more loving.

N – Is what you’re going to say N-ecessary? This is a big one for me. I have someone in my life who feels she has to say whatever is on her mind—negative or more negative—simply because she needs to have an opinion on every subject. Sometimes, what you have to say needs to be kept inside your own mind to fester, instead of stinking up the world with your negative opinions. (I’m talking to myself here, too.) If we use our words carefully, we may find that we talk a lot less and listen a lot more!

K – This is the most important one. Is what you’re going to say K-ind? Let’s face it, when we watch television, chat with friends, and write on Facebook, we are always looking to find the brunt of a joke or something to criticize. Most of the time people are doing the best they can. And when they are not, is it our job to point out their faults? What if someone watched you with this kind of critical eye? Would you want all of that negativity spewing out into the world everyday?

THINK maybe the acronym you write on a piece of paper and tape to your refrigerator this week to keep you mindful of every word that comes out of your mouth. Remember what sacred scriptures say about that which proceeds from your mouth: “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks!” We definitely want our hearts to be full of love, compassion, peace, and joy! We all can do without the judgment!

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