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Last week, I settled into my work with trepidation about everything I had to accomplish. Two of my greatest fears were met very quickly at seminar I conducted, and then at an audition. I noticed in each instance that the moment was much easier than I had imagined in my mind. I repeating affirmations that I was offering myself as a conduit for good and love. As I did so, much of the anxiety seemed to slough off, as the moment came into greater focus.

Yesterday, however, I heaped upon myself a great responsibility. I decided that, since my new church had never heard me sing, that I had to be better than everyone had heard or was wondering. So, I rehearsed the four songs for this special gala service for days, going over and over the parts I struggled with to make every part of the songs as perfect as I could make them. Then, midweek, I began to get sick, as everyone around me was also getting head colds and sore throats. I convinced myself that all of my efforts would be for naught if I succumbed to the symptoms.

The one great effort I made was to stave off the sickness. I took care of myself to the nth degree. I slept. I gargled. I did the netti pot. I took prophylactic medications. I warmed up my voice every day, singing full out only when I needed to. I convinced myself that, though my body was aching and tired, I would not allow my vision for this Sunday to perish as a result of self-sabotage, which is what I believed the symptoms of sickness were.

I treated for myself: “Spirit God, power of all, wholeness of the universe, I am one with you. Since Spirit cannot be sick, I also cannot be sick. Since I am showing up for the purpose of Good and Love, I am also not subject to any virus or sickness that is spreading in the human consciousness. This is an illusion, as is my fear and the scratchiness in my throat. I believe this as truth now and no other truths exist. I release this treatment to You and to the law, knowing Spirit moves through me with power to execute all that I do.”

As I continued to meditate on this, I noticed that, indeed, the sickness did not develop. In truth, though, my voice wasn’t in full power. I still didn’t feel any symptoms in my throat, though, but felt some weakness like the flu. I convinced myself that, as long as the sickness didn’t infect my throat, I would be fine for Sunday.

I had gotten up at 5 a.m. to make sure that my voice was on target for 9:30 a.m., which was when the first rehearsal would be on Sunday. I warmed up slowly and without pressure. I never sang in full voice until I actually had to during the rehearsal to do a sound check. Even then, I held back until the live performance.

As I stood up for the first song, I felt a little nervous, but wasn’t overwhelmed. But on the second song, I had no monitor on stage, which meant that I couldn’t hear the music track at all. I felt as though all I could hear was my own voice. I couldn’t tell if the audience was hearing the same thing as I was, so the entire time I was a little uncomfortable, but I put on my brave face and did the best job I could do without being able to hear the background tracks.

As it turned out, the audience had the perfect amount of accompaniment, and I got to focus on just controlling my voice, as it was very loud in the monitor. Now, I believe Spirit was saying in a loud voice: “Listen, Bo, you are all that you believe you are!”

All in all, what I learned about the experience was that living in the moment can sometimes be difficult when you add to your experience life’s expectations and the perceived judgments of others. When I assume that what I will do is being judged and monitored much more than I expected, I wasn’t able to be myself. After the second song, though, when the monitor went out, I decided to let go completely and feel the moment. As I did so, my voice rang out with great gusto and I truly enjoyed being able to share my gifts with the world and specifically with the congregation for the last two songs.

Afterwards, I got loads of great reviews and those who were in the position of judging felt great relief that I was able to deliver the goods at the time I needed to. I’m also thankful for all those who believed in me, because I felt their prayers undergirding my soul and my body.

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