This Is What I Know About France (After the Attack on Paris 9/13/15) #ParisISIS #prayersforParis #healingprayersforFrance #DivineMind #SpiritualLiving

Because we have lived through 9-11, we understand the confusion, the tension, the fear, and the questions that are going through every mind in France today; just one day after a massive attack on its most beautiful city, Paris. These attacks were on soft targets, where people had no expectation or threat or of an attack. It happened in a moment and left each of us wondering how afraid should we be that this may happen to us—as we sit watching our favorite band in concert?

This is what I know about Paris, about France, and about the fear all of us share of impending doom or destruction:

The earth and the universe have always been and will always be moving toward peace and a more loving world. Despite the rise of a mere six lives who have chosen to cause chaos, multitudes of humans, loving people, DO NOT wish ill or harm on anyone. In fact, the mass majority of people, especially after a disastrous day like yesterday for Paris, feel true compassion, empathy, and wish in some way that they could stretch out their arms to help.

Even a month after 9-11, people were kinder, more loving, and reaching out to help in everyday matters, just as they are after any strike against our well-being, even and mostly natural disasters like tsunamis and hurricanes. The wide outreach of love expands far greater than the hate and, perhaps, confusion of just six men who have chosen hate over love.

I know that I grieve with the families and friends who have experienced loss, even though I know them not. But, I need to take my grief and let it flow to somewhere that IS NOT FEAR; otherwise, those mere six men have trampled on my love, my personal security, and my divine truth—which I will not allow to happen.

Today, I know that, as a nation, as followers of love, we must keep knowing for ourselves and for the world—PEACE. Yes, even more than the desire for peace that I had the day before yesterday—I reach into my soul and see peace on earth extending to places far greater than I can imagine, even into the undefined existence of life outside my personal knowledge of the universe. Peace, peace, peace. I see it! I believe for it! And know it as my expression of compassion NOW. This is what I can do in this moment.

So, I ask you, today: Every time you consider fear, think also of the time wasted, allowing the actions of a mere six men to change your thoughts about God, about your fellow men, and about the world. Instead, dream harder about peace. Make your life and your intentions clearly represent your heart’s deepest desire for each person on this earth to rise above fear and find a secure pocket of peace that keeps you safe in mind and body. Hold on to it! Share it with everyone you know! And I will hold you safe in my mind, too.


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