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Yesterday, my mother called out to me from the kitchen. “Bo, the toaster is broken! Could you check it for me? It’s plugged in. I set the dial to medium dark. I put the gluten-free bread in. I even pressed the trigger to start the darn thing; still, it doesn’t work!”

I considered my options. If she is doing all that she is supposed to do to get connected to the electricity; if she is using the power source, acting on the concepts that are “supposed” to make the electrical kitchen appliance work, then something must be wrong with the Power Source, itself. So, I went to the main circuit breaker. Indeed, the circuit breaker to the kitchen had been triggered and was in the off position. I reset the fuse and she had power again to use the appliance.

So, metaphorically, what does this story teach us?

Many times we say to God and mutter to ourselves, “I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do to make my dreams come true. But, nothing is happening! What’s wrong?” The entire time, though, we had been cut off from the very Source that causes our bread (our idea) to toast (the manifestation of our idea).

Notice in this metaphor that our idea (the bread) must use an appliance to get toasted. Let’s call that appliance our conscious mind. Without the conscious mind, there is no manifestation or idea. But the conscious mind is no good, alone, unless it is plugged into the electrical current. We will call the electrical current The Law or Source.

So, today’s lesson about your Creative Mind is that it must be connected (or plugged in) to the energy of the Big Creative Mind to work. You have certainly heard of the Ego. The Ego is what we will consider as the toaster without the power source. The Ego can yell. It can scream. It can work night and day. But, when the Ego is disconnected from the main stream of power that give everything life (Source, God, The Law), it eventually self-destructs, (or rusts and is thrown out, in this metaphor).

So, how do we PLUG IN to source? I don’t want to sound like a broken record, but we don’t have too many choices where this is concerned. First of all, if you remember our metaphor, my mother saw that the toaster was already plugged in. The truth is that you have always been and will always be plugged into Source. But, flipping that switch in our consciousness that invites the Source to work, (like the circuit breaker) is a deliberate move to connect with God.

Seriously, this take the use of one thing and one thing only, understanding that the Conscious Mind MUST be used to create and add emotional energy to everything we dream, or else our dreams will stay in the toaster and get stale, never even getting hot enough to toast.

In other words, our dreams get stuck because we are not connected to God. But, all we have to do to get connected is realize that we have to turn on one switch (IN OUR MINDS) that gives us the constant realization that ONE LAW will bring power to our dreams. When we do this, everything changes.

In your contemplation today, make sure that those delicate and beautiful dreams and ideas that you have placed in the toaster to cook or finish, (with belief that the Source will cause the dream to manifest), must be connected to the Law and turned on. Once you to turn it on, you must let the Law do the rest of the work. If you put your hand in the toaster and try to make it toaster quicker, you’ll get a tremendous shock.

Do your work. Connect with the Source. And, let Source do Its work.


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