This Toaster Isn’t Working

Yesterday, my mother called out to me from the kitchen. “Bo, the toaster is broken! Could you check it for me? I set the dial to medium dark. I put the gluten-free bread in it. I even pressed the trigger to start the darn thing. Still, it does not work!”

If my mother was doing all that she was supposed to do to get connected to the electricity; if she was using the power source, acting on the science that was supposed to make the electrical kitchen appliance work, then something must be wrong with the power source, because the Law of Electricity would and should work if all things were connected properly and the energy is flowing from the source. Right?

I went to the main circuit breaker. Indeed, it was working properly. Next, I went to the connection to the source. Was the toaster actually plugged into the energy? It was not.

Metaphorically, what does this story teach us?

Many times we mutter to ourselves, “I am doing everything I am supposed to do to make my dreams come true. But nothing is happening! What is wrong?”

The entire time, though, we had not been plugged into the energy that creates and manifests our dreams. Our idea (the bread in the toaster) is intact and correct. Our brain (in this metaphor, would be the toaster) is working properly. But the brain is of no use, alone, unless it is plugged into the power—which is the Law.

Today’s lesson about your human brain is that it must be connected—or plugged into the energy of the Law—to work.

How do we PLUG IN to this Source? The truth is that you have always been, and will always be, plugged into Source, which we call Universal Power. Flipping that switch in our brain that invites Universal Power to work on our behalf in our individual minds and bodies is like the circuit breaker. It is a deliberate move to connect. It is an opening of the mind to a Truth, perhaps, beyond your understanding, at this point.

I will not ask you to believe without proof that this works. I simply need you to test this theory in your daily life.

Water your dreams with positivity and release all negative thoughts about your life. Simply observe what happens next.

Screen Shot 2016-05-11 at 10.04.32 AMIn your contemplation today, make sure that those delicate and beautiful dreams and ideas that you have created are connecting to your belief in yourself that can make your dreams manifest! This essential power of belief can make or break a beautiful idea trying to manifest.

Do the easy work. Connect with the Law!

If you have a dream, if you do the work, study the process, gather all the information needed, release all fear from your mind, open your heart to new ideas in your contemplative time and continue to step forward on the path to success, you will ultimately get there. No one knows how long it will take for your dream to manifest. However, you will get there.

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