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A frustrated man asked this question last week, “Do I have to stay in a bad relationship, if it’s not working? When am I going to find a relationship that really and truly is right for me? Or is that person an enigma?”

The teacher said, “Nope, Nope, and Nope! Relationships are like people getting on and off a bus. The chances are that varied. It’s up to you to choose one that’s right!” She folded the papers in front of her and closed the book she read from to share her truth. “I was married to a man for 23 years who I had two children with. I thought we’d be together until we died. However, I kept growing spiritually, and he simply stopped. Life got harder to stay together, so we parted friends. We will always have the children, and I will always love him to some degree. But, was I meant to stay with him? No.”

Then she shared an affirmation that I have been using for about a week. Affirmative prayer is a way to dissolve old beliefs by saying a truth every time your mind speaks a destructive thought. The affirmation goes like this: “Divine love draws together and holds together those who belong together, so that the glory of God may be made manifest!”

In an effort to appease my own insecurities about relationship and rejection, I wrote my own affirmation that specifically helps me deal with the anxious attachment problem of abandonment. Mine targets insecurity: “Every seeming rejection asks God the question: Who am I? The answer is I am a part of God, as is everyone else in the world. God is in all and through all. So, how can God reject God? I can’t be rejected, because God cannot reject itself. Spiritual law cannot undo spiritual law.”

You see, writing truth and speaking aloud to yourself is a perfect and direct way to undo negative thoughts. Each negative thought, which usually results in negative words and actions, puts out into the universe the exact opposite of what you want.

The law of attraction and the law of “ask and you shall receive” work no matter if you are using negative thought or positive affirmations. So, make your words and thoughts count by positively reinforcing what you want to believe, not what you see as the effect in your life now. What you see in front of you is not only any illusion, it is about to change every moment, every second of every day. So, don’t be attached to it!

Then, release the affirmation to God, who grows every tree from a seed, who takes care of the part of creation we don’t understand. We simply act from the laws of spirit and believe with all our hearts that we have a God in heaven who cannot go against the law that It created. Therefore, spiritual law must work. There are no arguments here.


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