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Today is my mother’s birthday. She is now 83 years old, which doesn’t seem like a grand accomplishment. But for someone who, eight years ago, was 65 pounds heavier with uncontrolled diabetes, serious heart problems, two blockages in her colon, and a carotid artery that was 92% blocked, I’d say that she is a healthy, spry, young babe, right now. Why is this so?

When she first came to live with me, I set out parameters, which we will metaphorically call The Law. I told her, when she moved in: this is what I will allow in my world, should you decide to be a part of it:

  1. Only Healthy food in the house;
  2. Exercise six days a week;
  3. Only positive talk;
  4. We go to church to provide community every week and learn; and
  5. We communicate together, daily. This is paramount!

As a result, she immediately began to remove all of the blocks to her wholeness. But, before she was completely mindful of her success and health, every problem that she had been lurking in her body began to manifest. At one point, very soon after she moved in, she spent an entire month in the hospital. This, of course, looked like our prayers, actions, and treatments were NOT working; but, in fact, Source was removing all blocks to a healthy mind and body for her.

My point in all of this is that my mother’s desire to try a new lifestyle to gain back her health proved to be a win-win situation for her, even though she was nudged into strong laws and rules, which she agreed to. Within two years of her moving in, she had a triple bypass, a colon resection, cataracts removed, and her carotid artery cleared. Now she is 65 pounds lighter, exercising every day, and very conscious of her health.

Using the Laws of Mind and Body, in this case, worked. Science almost always works when you use proven Laws, especially where health is concerned. More important than creating a new lifestyle, though, together we created a new mental paradigm where we, first, created in Mind a new personal outlook and for new ideas of health. Then, when she made a strong choice to see change as a good place, her entire body recovered. She would often say that she believed she would be dead had she not made these vital life changes.

To me, I think that the first step was a change of heart and mind that proved powerful enough to make the body shift from sickness to wholeness. We can only prove the facts of using the Science of the Mind by seeing manifestations of our work.

If you don’t begin a practice, you will, however, never see the work that your mind can accomplish through positive mind treatment and prayer. If you sow the seed today for change, you will most certainly see growth as you nurture that seed in the fertile soil of Divine Mind.

Remember: “You sow the seed, God grows the tree.” God has the hard part!


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