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We have all known people who seem to attract negativity. I have an ex who loses a job every other month. He never has the money to pay his car note. He always has a family trauma. More than anyone I know, he attracts people to his life that are mentally unstable. Last month, he had a roommate/boyfriend who decided he wanted to murder him. (But I digress.)

My point is that these specific things in his life did not result from specific thoughts about wanting to be murdered or find a boyfriend who was bipolar. No, his negative belief about not feeling worthy for anything good—or that good exists for everyone but him—is what causes the general attraction of a systemic negative life.

There exists within the Spiritual Community a thought that specific thoughts about any disease may cause that disease itself. However, I believe that because thoughts are simply things, they manifest in ways that are in accord with our negative beliefs, but are not specific to them.

Creation of anything in our life begins with a thought. This thought goes into the Mind Field of creativity (remember: we likened this to the earth).

When we plant these seeds, they grow—whether they are negative or positive. This is the intention of this creative energy put in place by Source. Divine Mind is a creative mind field for our thoughts and desires. We can use it for good or negativity.

If we have no knowledge of the Law of Mind in Action, then we simply create with no awareness. I believe this is the case with my ex. I tried to share with him the understanding of creating good, but he would literally fight me on this subject. He refused to accept good from anyone, even when it was handed to him on a plate. Even he could see this problem, but he never set out to fix the issue. The issue begins and ends in his mind—not in some unfixable karmic place in the universe seeking personal revenge.

When we understand that thoughts manifest as things, we learn a greater lesson than the power of the universal mind; we learn that we are masters of our world. We begin to understand our full potential as Spirits living in Human Bodies. This is not a power trip, but a wonderful lesson used to help us become Creators as mirror images of Source!


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