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Man’s subconscious thoughts set in motion his conscious thoughts. In the consciousness of man lies the possibilities of THE PATH OF FREEDOM. Sickness or health, heaven or hell, misery or happiness, peace or confusion, faith or fear are all CONDITIONS, which simply appear to be opposites, but are always set in motion by the One Power of the Mind. It is how this power is USED that creates the manifestations of all of the above. So, in short, it is our choice to feel and experience any and all manifestations. Yet, within us, is also the choice to CHANGE any and all things that no longer serve us.

“We teach you HOW TO THINK, not WHAT TO THINK!” is the motto of Centers for Spiritual Living, the centers that teach the power within the mind of man. Basically, this motto expresses that the thought process is the key to living a right and just life with happiness, abundance, and peace. When we have all of the above, there is no need for greed, hunger, anger, or any malfeasance. When people are organically satisfied with life, they want to share their good, not take it away from others.

To think correctly, we must first observe that there is but ONE MIND. That mind is shared universally by all and by Source. This mind has from the beginning of time spoken into existence all that is manifest. This same mind is in you that is in Christ Jesus, the Master teacher. This same mind is in you that is in Buddha, or any of the other great masters. These teachers, if you have studied any of their habits, self-reflected daily, meditated, and also had some version of prayer. They all realized that they were a reflection of the divine, not the Great Divine, but a smaller version; albeit, the microcosm within the macrocosm. And all of them taught they all men and women have this equal power or even more power to manifest than they had.

These Masters didn’t grab hold of all the good they could get and keep it for themselves. They mastered life and set all good into motion, changing history. Then, once they mastered life (their minds), they began to teach their truth to the masses.

My friends, the power which binds humanity is the only power that can set us free—OUR MINDS. Ernest Holmes says: “Man already has, within himself, the key to freedom, but he must come to realize his relation to the Whole. This relationship is one of Complete Unity.”


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