To the Most Natural: Nourishing Nations

When I was living in NYC and working in the theater, I had a friend who was so poor that she carried around a glass jar with plain brown rice in it. When I remember her, all I can remember is that old mayonnaise jar full of cooked brown rice with a little brown, plastic spork stuck in the center for whenever she got hungry.

I heard a story of an elderly woman who was very sick, so sick in fact she couldn’t get out of her apartment. This was a time when healthcare wasn’t available for everyone. She didn’t have a doctor and couldn’t afford one. Her stomach was very sick; she didn’t have a diagnosis, though. She couldn’t hold anything down. This stomach issue persisted long past the time she tried to eat anything that could provide some nutrition in her pantry.

When she had tried everything she had in the house to eat, she found a large 50-pound bag of brown rice at the back of her pantry that had been left there by the tenant prior to her. It was in a large burlap sack, almost like a feed sack for a barnyard animal. However, when she boiled some, she realized that the brown rice actually stayed down. It felt wholesome and savory, even though she seasoned it with nothing.

The old woman had whither away to 80 pounds by the time she began to eat the rice. She ate two bowls of brown rice a day until the 50 pounds of rice was gone. The true story goes on to say that after the rice was finished, her health had been restored, her weight went back to normal, and she was able to begin to function again normally.

She was told later that the disease she had contracted could have been fatal had she eaten anything but simple brown rice. This indeed was the remedy to the rare disease (ulcerative colitis, chronic fatigue, morbid obesity, cancer, Chrohn’s Disease). I researched the story to find a large amount of people telling the same story with different diseases.

I don’t know if these stories are tales, but there are many of them on the Internet and some have become very famous over the years, one so famous a church minister told the story during a recent sermon.


I share all of this because we often forget that before traditional medicine, the only way people had to heal themselves was the food they ingested, the herbs they grew, and discovering the medicinal effects of those natural cures that exist all around us, alas, even hidden in the back of our own pantry.

I recently had suffered from a long stomach virus. I thought it would never end. But, as the lady in the story, I kept eating things that I thought I could ingest, only to find that most things just felt awful to my system. Finally, I decided to try simple long-cooking oatmeal. I had remembered that an easy way to create a healthy bowl of oatmeal was to boil it with a ripe banana. The banana turns to a thick syrup that then becomes the sweetener for the cereal.

I ate this porridge for four days in a row for almost every meal. When I diverged from that path, I got sick again. Finally, I just stuck with what my gut suggested I eat.

Today is the second day I’m eating normally again. I attribute much of my healing to the simple oatmeal that nursed me back to health. Not every sickness needs medicine. But everyone needs to listen to his or her body and mind to discover what we need to heal inside both mentally and physically.

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