Too Much Anxiety to Be Happy?

I have had many clients in the past who have had so much anxiety on a daily basis that simple life functions became too difficult to manage. Their fears ranged from financial, getting fired, mistreated, relationship problems, being rejected, not being good enough, and being too fat or skinny… the list goes on an on. In some cases I had been amazed at how debilitating fear could be—until, fear hits me between the eyes. Then, I am able to empathize and see more clearly how blinding anxiety and fear can be. Anxiety can lead to the worst kind of depression. 

Jane’s story is not an uncommon one. She was afraid of just about every aspect of her life. At first, a typical life coaching session with her was rife with uncontrollable crying for 40 minutes of the hour session. In the beginning stages of coaching, I would let her cry and get out all of her fears on the table so we could see the what fears were rational and which were not. Usually by the end of the hour, she would settle down from a frenetic 9 to a calmer 5. I could then help Jane understand that, based on her past, she had more control over her issues than she had considered. This would sustain her for a few days, then she would go back to her paralyzing fear.

Jane’s dad was a physician who was incredibly concerned about his daughter. At first, they would often call me together, so I could get a deeper understanding of why Jane’s anxiety was so over the top. We, of course, discussed medication that could quell some of the problem so that we could get Jane out of the “desperate zone” and into a more rational side of the brain. With the medical help of a psychiatrist, Jane began on a daily antidepressant and was also prescribed an anti-anxiety pill for when the anxiety was too extreme to get through the afternoon at work. She also used to the anti-anxiety medication to help lessen the fears before bedtime, when the fear of the next day would worsen. The combination of both drugs began to calm Jane, but it took at least 3 weeks for her antidepressants to be fully effective. (This is the normal amount of time for the drug to be completely systemic and fully into the bloodstream.)

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To the public, Jane was a class act when she actually got dressed and out of the house for her high powered job. She was at the top of her career and graduated college with a 4.0. Her success was my first clue that her fears and anxiety were a malfunction of her brain more than a simple misappropriation of negative thinking. Even after talking about her entire childhood, I could see there were issues that could have resulted from her mother’s lack of compassion, but not so much that could incapacitate her as she had been recently.

Her physician father agreed that this anxiety problem had to be resolved with both medication and coaching at the same time. I agreed. Jane came onboard with the medication very reticently, as she should. Getting on the incorrect medication can alter your life, which is why any person needs to be monitored by a psychiatrist for at least 6 months to a year before sustaining the drugs with the help of a medical doctor. (It’s important to note that in the most extreme cases, the help of a psychiatrist may be needed throughout the person’s life.)

Jane went to a psychiatrist to be analyzed to discover which medications would be most helpful. Her meds ended up being Citalopram (an antidepressant) and Clonazepam (an anti-anxiety med). It’s important to note that regular medical physicians are not usually licensed to suggest psychotropic medications. They can, however, continue to write prescriptions after a psychiatrist has suggested the correct drugs and has worked with the client for at least 6 months to see if the progress of the medication is on target. With any of my clients, I make sure this is the case.

I have seen way too many anxiety cases go awry while the client had been on the wrong medication. This is why it is important to seek a psychological professional’s advice through the process of getting your life back together. Of course, no one wants to be so sedated that life feels as if it’s a constant downer, causing you to sleep the entire day. Unfortunately, though, at first, most antidepressants will cause those symptoms, but not permanently. The fatigue wears off fairly quickly if you are on the right dosage, which is why you should be under the care of a psychiatrist until you get it right.

Jane has been under the care of medical professionals and has continued to see me as a metaphoric booster shot each week to keep her seeing the good in her life. I also began to use hypnosis techniques whenever she began to think more clearly.

All of this together has gotten her back to well enough to see more clearly on a daily basis. Jane is fortunate enough to have gotten well enough to enter into a healthy relationship. In fact, she just got married in the past two months. I’m very proud of her courage to face the problems head on.

If you are experiencing debilitating anxiety, I encourage you to reach out for help. No one should have to go through any kind of fear like Jane’s on a daily basis. This is not normal. Help is out there for you.


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