Top Billing One Day, Next Day Your Touring in Stock

Top Billing One Day, Next Day You’re Touring in Stock

Never more than now has there been a time when taking advantage of the present has been more important. If you have Top Billing today, make sure you use it to your advantage, because no one knows what’s going to happen tomorrow. No one.

I waited for years for a really big chance at a publishing deal. On the day of my big book release, The Nashville Flood happened. I would have to say that there was no repairing the way that affected the book release. A dear friend wrote a novel that was about to be published just before 9-11 that was almost the same terrorist account. The publishers canned the book immediately.

We really have no way of knowing the future. Because of this, it’s important to take advantage of any way that life grants you priority or special interest. I believe when you get support in life this is Spirit helping you.

And in the same way, I believe that when something happens like what happened with my book or my friend’s, it’s God too. Perhaps, it just wasn’t time for me to have a bestseller. I’m okay with that.

All we can be is prepared for life. We can’t manage what actually transpires from day to day. If you try, you’ll end up with a heart attack and panic attacks. It would be like living life on the stock market floor, trying to manipulate your stocks with your mind.

The ups and downs are completely in God’s hands, as I prefer them to be. Boy is that important to remember in times like the day of my book release when I just spent $500 on food and was expecting lots of friends to support my career, and nothing but rain and more torrential rain visited my beautiful garden party. It became a swamp party after just 30 minutes.

I think we ended up having lunch with the few people who made it and gave the rest of the food to the poor. I went inside, had a good cry and asked God, “Why.” I didn’t get an answer then. But I trusted that the God, who had taken me from an abusive childhood and had given me more life and love than anyone could expect from one lifetime, had everything under control. What is a book deal anyway, to someone who has peace and love? It’s just icing on the cake. I like my cake without icing anyway.

I mentioned in my blog “I Got Plenty of Somin’” about taking time when work slows down to do things that you might need to do to get your business pumped up, like marketing, business proposals, and letters to old clients.

After a time in August of doing my extra work from the web, I began to get lots of extra phone calls, because I figured out how to get my name to the top of the search engines from doing research on my down time.

That’s using down time to your advantage. So, now I have lots more clients and have to manage them appropriately to keep them coming and keep myself a good businessman. I have to take more time off between clients to answer calls and schedule lunch meetings with businesses who want to hire me for group sessions. All these things happened as a result of taking time to do promotional work. And that down time came because I had a lull in business.

I could have sat on my laurels and done nothing. But I decided that Spirit had a good plan. The right plan. The plan was to use my time wisely and invest it back into my business.

So, if you find yourself touring in stock (which to any good theater person means that you are on the road instead of being on Broadway), you are reaching many more people in the small towns than you are probably reaching while you are being a big star on Broadway. And it’s a great chance to see the US and stay in touch with real people. Make the best out of every situation.

Live in the now. You’ll find it to be wonderful and full of surprises if you let God choose your path. Just keep your foot on the gas pedal.

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