TOTAL ECLIPSE: Don’t Let #yourpast Eclipse #yourpresent

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Never Again Let Your PAST Eclipse Your PRESENT!

Ever since I moved to Florida, every things has changed for the better. The story of how I changed my life based on Truth and Principle was so intriguing that I wrote a book about it. I’m sending this to all my best friends first in hopes that I can gather the needed positive energy to make this the best launch I’ve ever had. I could really use your good thoughts and intentions in the next few critical weeks:


I heard recently that a rocket that is shot into space burns approximately 3.5 million pounds of fuel. Of that fuel, 83% is used for the launch. To get our GOALS moving forward in our lives we need total commitment and the precious support of those around us—that tremendous boost from the village of people who surround us and love us. I count you as one of those people.


“Your New Story, Your New Life” is my new book that launched worldwide.


In the first few weeks my publisher and I need to sell 2000 books to make it on to the bottom of the NY Times Bestseller’s list, which gives the book an ample push it needs to make it onto the main stage. This means out of every person I know, at least one of two have to buy the book to make this happen. Will you be that friend for me?


“Your New Story, Your New Life” did not just come from my heart but actually IS my heart. Everything I know about successovercoming difficult odds, and creating magnificent change from my Old Story is in this book. If you have followed my recent move to Florida, you know that I have experienced so many amazing, almost miraculous changes. Every secret to my successes is written in these pages for you.


My personal discoveries will benefit few if I don’t have the courage to share them and have a VISION for the future. I believe my story is your story—it is the story we all want to achieve. We also have so much to understand about how to CREATE GOOD IN THE WORLD and RESIST THE NEGATIVITY that bombards us daily in the news. This book delves into all of the above and will teach you to create a place of peace that you have never had before. I promise you that.


Friend, together let’s LAUNCH this book with the power of a rocket. Here’s how:


  1. Click on the link and purchase the book either in Kindle form or in paperback now. (I will be glad to sign any copy you have, as I’m planning a few trips soon where friends can bring their copies. We can share in a happy reunion together. http://www.amazon.com/Your-New-Story-Life-Metaphysical/dp/0993313469/ref=sr_1_5?ie=UTF8&qid=1464660646&sr=8-5&keywords=bo+Sebastian


  1. Please write a 5 Star ***** positive review on any online bookseller’s response page.


  1. If you want to go the distance for me,repost this letter and linkon your Social Media pages with encouragement to your family and friends to buy the book.


Lastly, I have only gratitude for all of the millions of hits on my blog pages and the successes of my other 14 books. To any friends who have supported me in the past and those who will help me launch this book, much peace to you and those close to you. I’m knowing your success as you succeed in changing your Old Story into a new, prosperous, peaceful, and loving life.


If you have never read one of my books, I encourage you to go to Amazon and look through the 15 titles and my Yoga Video “Boga Fitness” to find the book that calls to you personally. You may not want a self-book at all. There are 5 novels there, a young adult novel, and TWO cookbooks (the latest is Cooking Gluten Free)




Your Friend,

Bo Sebastian


p.s. If you are unable to purchase the book: write to me at this address: bosebastian5@me.com and I will gladly send you a PDF version of the book to read on any device. All I ask is that you put some positive energy behind the book and behind its success. Thank you.


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