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I often wonder if Trust and Faith are the same thing. The dictionary defines them as almost the same. Trust is even a part of the definition of Faith, which leads me to believe that, perhaps, they are not. Maybe a person must trust someone or something to garner faith. Of course, all of this leads me back to my own trust or belief in God or in the Law that God created.

I lack trust in relationships. I lack trust in humanity, in general. I lack trust that anything good will happen in the world. I lack trust in much of what is needed in humanity to create a secure base to find that much needed faith. I ask myself why do I have such a lack of trust. The answer comes easily. I’m looking at the world or the manifestations of those things tangible to find faith.

Everything that I see with my human eyes in the world is ephemeral. I realize more and more everyday that nothing tangible IS trustworthy, including those friendships and familial ties that would suggest the most need for trust. No one or nothing lives up to the trust that I need to have faith in Humanity. But is my spiritual growth dependent on trust of humanity or trust in God?

Faith has never asked me to trust in humanity. Faith, however, as always asked me to trust in the Creator of All Things. Faith asks me to look at the world, the universe, and imagine the power behind all of the vast intricacies that created it. Behind this powerful force is an idea, a Law, a truth that has never been fractured from Love. This is what I must have faith in.

Here is the big issue with human trust. Where else is there to look for a template for trust but our own humanity? The human mind bases all of what it knows on things that it has seen in the past. I have only seen things that are tangible, therefore, my belief still comes up short of Faith in the Divine.

I want to trust. I know I need to trust. Faith is the subject of things UNSEEN… So, how do I garner what I have never really had? And from what source must it come from?

This morning, I read from The Science of Mind about healing the sick. Ernest Holmes keeps saying that to administer healing you must never look at the sickness. You can only look at or perceive your own spiritual wholeness and then know the person’s wholeness in whom you treat.

But, what if I have never experienced wholeness? How can I then imagine it completely? Again, I come up lacking. How will I ever treat with accuracy without this much needed faith in the unseen? How will I sow seeds into the subconscious and release my treatment to a Law I have never seen and FAITHFULLY TRUST that this entity will do or create that which I see, without this much needed Faith? Lack, Lack, lack again!

The answer to this question is in the part of the human brain that imagines and creates. The only place or mirror that we can understand God is in the metaphor of our own creative ability. Humans are the microcosm of what God is as the macrocosm. So, if this were true, then I must OBSERVE my humanity to find faith in God.

This seems contraindicated, since my humanity is filled with flaws. But, again, I am not asked to look at my human body to find this truth; I am looking at the essence of myself WITHIN the human body. This spiritual being that is godlike in nature is what I must learn to perceive to see my wholeness, your wholeness, and, ultimately, the peace and wholeness of the world.

I get to this place in meditation. I find it. Take a mental picture of it. And rehearse it almost constantly to hold on to faith. Faith is the substance of things unseen by the human eyes, but is certainly the substance of what is OBSERVED IN OUR CREATIVE MINDS.


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