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I have often been asked what it takes to attract the perfect mate, because I wrote a NY Times Bestseller about that very fact (Your Gay Friend’s Guide to Understanding Men). The only advice I currently give is to ALWAYS look for someone with whom you can share your truth, authenticity, and transparency. I do not believe that joy and happiness will last without these essential elements in a personal relationship.

I have tried all forms of attraction in my life. But the only one that lasts is the one that is built on solid love—the kind of love with which God created the universe. That same love is yours and mine for the taking, as we were created with the very elements of love built into our DNA.

People are quick to judge certain types of people with a sweeping brush across the canvas. But the truth is, most of us search for truth and peace every day of our lives. I have not met many people in my life who have not imagined a world without fear. Even the prettiest people are afraid they are not pretty enough.

I agree that many daters are looking for that quick fix—sex or some intimacy, and not willing to invest much more into relationship. But, you have to take the time to be able to see this kind of person coming from a mile away.

If you cannot share the smallest truth with someone you are dating, I would suggest moving on immediately. We are not going to change anyone in personal relationships. So, simply date people who are in your spiritual bubble who have already had their fair share of change and complication, but have securely and successfully walked through the tribulation with their heads held high or, at least, with more compassionate.

Desire someone in your life with ideals similar to your own, much more than you would want someone with a perfect body. Why? People with perfect bodies often do not have perfect bodies after the first year of a marriage. Often, they only build up the body to attract someone. Once they attain what they want, they stop thinking about looks and focus in on the next attainable venture. These kinds of people are also easy to spot. They are quick to act and slow to commit to authenticity and real intimacy.

Do not be fooled by someone who says he or she is spiritual, but does not resonate with your understanding of spirituality. If you cannot take your partner’s hand and say, “Hey, I need to pray with you. I need some guidance. Or, I’m afraid, and I need you to think a good thought for me while I’m at the doctor’s office,” then this is not a spiritual partner and mate.

These kinds of intimate, spiritual moments are paramount in establishing a great—not good—relationship. This is because the foundation of the relationship is based on love and compassion, not simply attraction.



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