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This morning in my meditation I had a very interesting vision about a girlfriend of mine who had simply disappeared out of my life after many years of seeing her or talking to her every day. She gave me no reason for this departure, just no response from many phone calls and texts. She had moved her apartment and her job, so I had no place to contact her, by the time I had realized she had gone missing, because she carefully titrated her departure with proposed visits that she would continue to cancel.

My vision was about seeing this old friend in Florida, where I live now. When we saw each other, she made a funny comment about not seeing me. I responded with a very authentic answer, “I have missed you so much!” We hugged, as each of us burst into tears. It was then I woke up and began to pray again. (Sometimes, my meditation will move from cognizant to dreams—both of which, I feel, God uses to move me forward in my spiritual growth.)

I asked Spirit what I could do to heal my heart concerning this friend, since, before I left Nashville, I could not locate her to make amends. My answer was this:

“You think that this pain you feel is a bad thing. It is not. Your pain can be used to help (my friend), if you let it. The first objective is to realize that, when the hurt comes up, that it has risen for a purpose, a spiritual purpose. (Your friend) needs your help spiritually. She is on a misguided course that requires angels and spiritual protection. This is where your prayers come in. When you feel this hurt, ask your mind to turn this intense feeling into compassion and direct it towards (your friend). See her whole and complete! Imagine that she hears your prayers and they call to her to move in the direction of healing. What I don’t want for you is to continue to hurt for her. Your pain will be gone when you turn your hurt into prayer, I promise!”

When I got up from my meditation, I felt differently about her and about my extended pain for all those who have left my life without words or explanation.


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