Two Different Modalities of #Meditation

I was looking for a great recipe for pickling beets and found that one of the ingredients for pickling was MACE. I thought, how could “pepper spray” used for deterring thieves and attackers be edible? Of course, after just a minute on Google, I realized the mace has two names—one for the chemical and one for the ground outer shell of nutmeg, used in seasoning.

As in many things in life we have one word meaning two things, one street having two names, which is confusing as hell, and the worst of these is identical twins with different names! If you’re identical, shouldn’t share a name? Just kidding. (I think I had too much coffee this morning after my three-hour meditation. I needed something to awaken me after the long, beautiful, luxurious meditation.)

My time with spirit—out of my body—seems to get sweeter and sweeter every day I practice. I also seem to want to stay in the meditation and not return to my body. Today, I will share two different modalities of meditation. Same name—just two different intentions, like pickling—Meditation with a Purpose and Meditation for Peace.

Meditation with a Purpose

Before I begin to relax my body, I set a divine intention. Some examples of intentions are listed below. You can write your own, once you understand the concept:

  • As Wisdom, I am directed to truth in this meditation on my path to success.
  • Spirit God is all wholeness, strength and abundance. I recognize these attributes in myself now.
  • Divine Mind works inevitably through me to will and to do that which I’m thankful to contribute to the world through my talents.
  • All of my negative feelings show me my human fears, so that I can resolve my disbelief and walk toward oneness with God.

After I speak my initial intention aloud, I make sure that I have a shorter, more concise version of my intention to repeat to myself when the interval bell rings. (I use an App called “Insight Timer” that rings 3 bells every five minutes to keep my mind awake, but my body asleep). The shorter version I say internally, without speaking aloud, as not to awaken the body. As, most people’s mind wander during the first few five-minute intervals, you want to have this short affirmation memorized, to repeat to yourself when the bell rings.

Some examples are below:

  • I am successful now, and nothing or no one can hinder this.
  • Divine love draws together and holds together those who belong together.
  • I am one with all attributes of God.
  • Every part of my body is whole and complete now.

This is one very simple and effect way of meditating without feeling as if you have done something wrong, because your mind wouldn’t settle. Everything in this meditation is completely mapped out.

Meditation II

Another option for meditation is take an issue or a problem and ask yourself these questions, before you get quiet:

  • What do I feel when I consider what just happened to me?
  • Do I believe I should try to let go of the feeling?
  • Could a delicate gift exist in the recognition and reparation of this feeling or problem?

Once you ask the questions, you sit in the quiet and wait for an answer. So, you notice that both meditations carry an intention, but one waits in the silence for an answer, and one is called a creative meditation or a dreaming meditation.


I feel that most people err in their initial meditations, by just trying to be quiet. The mind is a complex network of neural pathways always firing, no matter how hard you try NOT to think. The process of meditation is more about getting above your thoughts, or listening, than it is quieting the mind.

* * *

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