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I am, by nature, both God and man—human and Spirit! I am made of God molecules, created in the image of God; therefore, each part of me has been fashioned by Spirit. I am also an animal, born out of humanness and sexuality. I have a human mind that faithfully manifests fear, anger, revenge, and hate! This is my Pain Body, created in the image of Ego and individuation. Most days I resent my pain body. How do the two merge?

Some spiritual theories believe that the middle ground between spirit and body is the soul, or the God-mind. This soul supposedly plays intercessor for the body and the Spirit, standing between the two. I can believe this theory in part, but I know, for me, that a higher truth must exist.

When I meditate, I become a compassionate observer of my Ego or physical self. I, also, can become an observer of my thoughts. So, I find it possible to separate the “Internal Voice of Self” into the voice of the human body, the voice of the human mind, and the voice of my God Self. When this happens, I realize that, though the soul or mind may help me get to my Highest Self, the soul is not, in itself, projecting only God thoughts. The soul projects Ego thoughts as well.

Jesus, the master teacher, when asked who he was, answered, “I and the Father are one!” Historically, all of his students thought he was blaspheming God by lifting himself up as a god. But in truth, Jesus said that we are all one, because we have expressed from the same powerful source. The way to understand and believe this is not to dissect scripture, but to come out of your own human mind and observe everything, nature, the bad, the good, your own anger, and most importantly your relationships to find that behind all life is God.

When you do this, life becomes clearer. Your path on this earth becomes more attuned to your Divine Purpose.

I had a client tell me recently that she was afraid of Christians, because Jesus had been forced down her throat by a narcissistic parent, who insisted my client believe in a vengeful and judgmental God. Being told how to believe brings up Post Traumatic Stress and anger. I don’t blame my client at all. Interestingly, though, when I began to share some simple truth about what I call “God” or “Spirit,” her demeanor quickly changed. Spiritual truth is not frightening. It’s liberating. If you feel trapped in religion, try meditation.

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