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I understand that—before all that exists in form and manifestation—there was CAUSE. And this CAUSE was the WORD OF GOD. But before the Word, must have been thought. I know this because thought co-existed in the mind of First Cause before the Word was ever spoken. So, I deduct that since all form came from One Mind that there must be a unifying cord that weaves all of us and all that is created together. But, where is it and how do we find it?

From this ONE MIND, many thoughts produced many words. From these many words, various forms and manifestations appeared in the cosmos. When I look closer, I see that FIRST CAUSE is made of energy. And if, from this FIRST CAUSE, came all that we know to be in the manifest universe; then, all must be made of this same energy.

The birds, the ocean, humans, space, the sun and moon, insects, and plants—are all made of energy that came from the same SOURCE or CAUSE. So, from this distinction, I understand that we all have ONE unifying cord that exists in all forms—God Energy!

Why is this information so important? When you contemplate the universe and all of its many forms, it would be easy to see the differences, instead of the unity. But, today, I share about the Unity for the sake of your potential. To gain power and understanding to create from this energy that you share with the entire universe is God’s desire.

If you are made of the Energy of God—albeit, in the image of God—then you must have a mind similar to God.

If God can create from thought, you, also, can create. If God can speak many words from many thoughts and produce, in kind, many different forms; so, also, can you use your precious power of thought and words to define and supplement your universe with all you need, with enough to share your abundance in thought, deed, and prosperity.

You see, I don’t set out to write about inconsequential and insignificant things to simply show my knowledge. This would be narcissistic, at best. I have no intention of sharing my knowledge to help you believe in ME. My desire is for you to believe in YOU and the magnificence God has created AS YOU, in the individual, yet unified form of this one special you!

Today, as you contemplate these words, know that everything you see is made of one energy—God. Even you are made of this same energy. If this were true, how much power have you been given to create and shape your own world?


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