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It has been a long while since I wrote about physical health or addiction. Yesterday, I went to an audition where I was to play a spokesman for a new E-Cigarette or Vape. This brought up in me a sense of responsibility as to what, exactly, I would be claiming as ok or even a switch from the tar and nicotine, organic material that causes cancer and lung disease. Does this new kind of habit warrant some attention?

Literally, billions of people have switched from cigarettes to vaping, and most of them are children—teenagers, most of whom never even smoked. The draw to vaping is the hype, for sure. It is liquid nicotine that is vaporized by a battery-powered gadget that looks to be the size of a cigar. The vapor is drawn into the body for that quick fix a cigarette smoker looks for in a smoker’s break at work. However, since smoking a vape has no regulations, the user can now vape at work, in restaurants, and any place he she feels like it.

The newest gag for high-school aged kids is to vape in front of their parents without them noticing it. This rage is causing many new users to have a dopamine fix every time they use their e-cig, which means they are habit-forming, indeed. Should we be alarmed and ask for some regulations?

Vapes come in all colors and look almost elegant, ranging in price from 30-300 dollars. Some are slimmer than others, which mean that these new slimmer models will hold less of a nicotine punch. However, the slimmer, more colorful models, are causing young women to hit the streets and beaches with matching purses and vapes. Kids get to have their nicotine fix and no one in the government, of course, can find a way to help the real issues because they are still fighting over gay marriage, immigrants, and Donald Trump’s hair.

I’m not convinced there is anything here to worry about expect that kids now have a way to sneak cigarettes without getting cancer—we think. Has anyone really ever studied this? No. So, maybe in ten years we will discover a new disease that kills off half of our race of teenagers. The problem is that nobody knows—anything. But, with most risks, kids are the likely users, because they feel fearless and have less to lose than adults. For adult smokers of tobacco, e-cigs are certainly better for their bodies, but what about the powerful surge of dopamine, which happens to any addict who relies on a fix?

Let me know what you think. If you are a parent, you discussed the hazards or risks with your children? If you have tried vapes and are an avid user, let us know how you feel. If you are against this and have some research to backup your idea, let me know too. This is a discussion we need to start.


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