Verify if You Are Absolutely Sure

Verify if You Are Absolutely Sure

Almost every time I get on the computer to check email or post an ad, someone tries to get me with the “I’m from out of town and would like to pay you from out of town scam,” or “you are the last known heir of King Henry VIII scam.” Do people still fall for this stuff? And why hasn’t the government developed a way to catch people like this and stop it? I own a Mac and most of the time my very bright computer doesn’t even know it’s Spam.

People get sneakier and craftier by the day. I’m not one to usually complain without having a solution. But you know what, today I don’t have one. I really don’t. The Internet grows so fast and furiously, that even the government can’t find a way to do things like stop people from copying music that is copy written or stop the sale of things that could produce tax money for the government. No one has as answer. That must be a very scary thing for the government.

So, how do we as a people deal with our power we have over the system? Do we take it and deal fairly with the system and pay our taxes and not copy music without paying the licensing fee so the musicians and writers who wrote the music can get the fair shake on the deal?

There definitely have been times when I have told myself, well, this is a member of my family and I feel like copying this music is like sharing the CD. I don’t feel badly about that. Then there have been other times where I have just blatantly screwed the system. I tell you, I didn’t feel good about it— so much so, that I turned around and bought the music afterward from Itunes.

The Internet has become a big test of our own patriotic and organic power.  Do we do what’s right and good or do we screw everyone out of his/her money? I know I still have a problem with the tax thing. If I can get away with not paying the sales tax, I usually do. I figure 9% of everything I’ve bought this year in TN, including food is enough. That is my justification. I don’t know. What is yours? We probably all have something we say to ourselves to justify our actions.

Today I don’t have any answers. It would nice to hear if any of you have some interesting thoughts about what the country might do to get a handle on Internet fraud without completely denying us of our privacy. Or do we just use this monster as a barometer to see just how honest we can stay even when we are not monitered by anyone?

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