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If you have ever baked a quiche or a pumpkin pie, you probably have said the words in the title a few times to yourself; especially, if you had baked one before, and you anxiously completed baking before the middle was all the way cooked. The art of baking either of these two pies takes some patience and testing to make sure that the center is done just right and the crust is not burnt. Viola! You finally get it right, and it’s more delectable than you could have imagined.

Life and our dreams are much like waiting for that pie to get done in the middle. Life takes patience. Dreams take endurance and a well thought-out game plan that you will not diverge from, no matter what temptations come up.

For instance, you decide that what you really want is a long-term, monogamous relationship. In the midst of sorting through all the dates and profiles of men or women on the Internet, you meet a couple of people who are gorgeous, but don’t believe morally or spiritually the same way you do. What would you do in a case like this? Would you go out with him/her anyway, just to satisfy the deep-seated need to be touched or kissed? Or would you wait for the entire picture to be right—the center—the core beliefs to be in conjunction with yours?

I have been on a quest to find a good person to date, perhaps, someone with which to enter into a long-term relationship. However, I have to tell you, if you have never been to Southern Florida, you must know that everywhere you look there is a beautiful face and an even more perfectly cut body. It’s as if God took all the beautiful people and put half of them in one place. You can imagine the temptation here.

I’ve noticed that the gay men are very tentative to even go on dates, because most of them have been burned by infidelity or mistrust. I finally understand, even though I’ve only been here a couple of weeks. The path to finding an authentic relationship is laden with temptation. So, I keep telling myself wait… wait… just a little longer! Believe me, it’s hard to wait.

I’ve had four very handsome men talk to me for quite some time on Match.com. None of them are anxious to meet. Every time I say something about getting together, each of them puts it off a little longer. The dudes I’m not so interested in are very quick to want to get together. The good ones are either securely or avoidantly attachment, because they have been hurt in the past. My spirit says to let go of my anxiousness for each of them to answer phone calls and messages, and see who rises to the top with the most ready and secure attachment! This, of course, takes patience. I have to learn, once again, how to reel in my desires to be close and have someone like a best friend to do activities with and be intimate, because I know that the real, securely-attached person may still have his/her own issues to resolve. Sometimes the wait isn’t for our own good. Sometimes the wait if for the pie to get done in the center!



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