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I have had friends believing for healing when they were told they had days to live. I have known people believing for a job—any job—when they were using their last dollar to buy food. I have been with family members when a child was lost, though birth was expected. How does anyone hold on to faith in the wake of disaster?

Recently, I have been doing my best to continue to confess my truth no matter what I see in front of me. We must realize that what we see, though it may feel real, factual, and physically pertinent is still yet an illusion of sorts. All that we see initiates from the portals of our minds.

What we view in front of us, as on a movie screen, comes not from the outside, but from the inside of our minds. Out of the belief of our human minds, we most often speak, see, imagine, and believe. But to live by the Principles of Spirit, we must deny what looks to be real and believe, by faith, in exactly what we have treated for in our prayers—until we evidence of our belief appear. Then, alas, the truth is revealed.

Cursing the fig tree is one of the miracles of Jesus in the Gospels. It is included in the gospels of Mark and Matthew, but not in Luke or John. In the Mark, it comes in two parts: in the first, just after the Triumphal entry into Jerusalem and before the Cleansing of the Temple, Jesus curses a fig tree for being barren; in the second part, presumably the next day, the tree has withered, prompting Jesus to speak of the efficacy of prayer. (Wikipedia)

So, finding faith in the midst of trauma is more about practicing your truth in happy and peaceful times. When life works with you, and you are happy, you should consider believing in your truth and practicing only trusting in the power of Universal Principle, despite what you see in front of you. For example, if you have an amazing time with family, friends, or a partner, enjoy the moment. Know, however, that what you feel in the moment is from the power of your mind, not from the experience you see in front of you. A vast difference exists in this paradigm of thought between recognizing illusion from truth. It all begins in the consciousness. If you practice knowing your truth daily, when something negative happens, you will be less likely to acquiesce to depression and anxiety.

When you don’t buy into something negative appearing on your life screen, then it quickly goes away. But if you allow yourself the time to step into the drama, you find yourself completely depressed and ailing from a simple illusion. Most of the time, and I believe this fully, what you think happened and for what reason is completely opposite of the truth. When you don’t label the circumstance and believe all things are pertinent and coming from Love, your reality shifts in the twinkling of an eye.


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