Waking Up in a Fog #nightmares #revenge

Last night I woke up in the middle of the night. It was as if I were another person completely. I was vengeful, angry, and couldn’t get my mind back to peace for at least 30 minutes to fall back to sleep. Where exactly does our brain go when we sleep? Are we “out of body” or simply resting in our subconscious mind?

I believe that most dreams are metaphors representing something that bothers you in your awakened mind. To make sense of the dream you have to let every character in the dream be you. Even the inanimate objects many times have meaning. What is most significant to you when you awake from the dream is often the metaphor that needs your attention.

Let’s take my dream last night. I woke up wanting to exact revenge on a beloved person in my dream. Time didn’t fly by that quickly before I realized that the dream was simply showing me, I was hurt from the action of a friend. My reaction to the dream could have been completely different if I would have thought that the propensity for me to be vile and vengeful was the key. I played the part of the person I exacted revenge from and realized that was I, also. But the Ego would rather me focus on a way to get rid of my feelings than attend to them. If I were to believe the dream at face value, I may have considered that my feelings were justified and continued to focus on “getting back” at the person who hurt me, which only perpetuates anger in this world. We will never get anywhere, as a society, if we believe that fighting or blame is the answer. What we end up with is generating more anger and fighting.

I know that if I continue to sit with my feelings of hurt, I will eventually understand how to get over the pain and move on with my life. But if I choose to exact revenge and begin to try and hurt the person I love, because I’m hurt, I only complicate my problem. I’m sure you can see this issues as I explain it. But much harder is it when you are in the place of trying to heal from hurt.

Psychologists suggest that anger is the final stage of hurt. I would have to add my theory to this. I don’t think that anger at the person who hurt you is all that importance. I think that the anger that is healthy is the one that helps you realize you have spent far too long wallowing over the past and should move on. The anger should be at your own wasted time. This will prepare you to get on with your life and leave the past where it belongs, in the past!

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