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A new video has been purposely fed to the media with Oscar Pistorius, the apparently very able disabled Olympic runner, who in this video ran with no prosthetics prior to the trial for murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steencamp, to prove in an effort his innocence. This video has turned out to be, in the world’s estimation, a proof that he could have actually committed the crime. Most of the world assumed that a disabled man with no legs couldn’t run at all without his prosthetics. Apparently, his unusual muscle structure that led him to the Olympics has helped him move without the need of his legs, which looked a bit horrifying on the film. It was like watching a toe dancer running on point—awkward but true to form.

This image conjures much in our minds, but mostly the idea that even the worst of impediments can be overcome with enough willpower. Imagine, if you will, that you woke up in a hospital and both of your legs had been amputated. How bleak would you imagine your future? In these recent discoveries, we have been working with the idea of radical change from an old paradigm. Wouldn’t you think that you would need the same tools for change in this type of situation than you would if you were facing the loss of 100 pounds or death from heart failure?

Change happens when you accept three things:

  1. That the very present NOW is the perfect place for you to be—it has been designed especially for your growth and spiritual unfoldment, perhaps, even by your own spirit before you came to the earth.
  2. The idea that you are made in the image of a creator, so all things are possible for those who believe; and
  3. The concept that authentic change is possible because your brain has control over your body (mind over matter).

Most of us shudder at the idea that our present situation may be the exact reason we are on this earth, because we consider our nagging, sometimes depressing situation, to be a noose around our necks.

Martin is a man who has been in relationship with the same woman since they dated in high school. He married her when they both were still in college. After college, his wife decided to have children while Martin worked, even though she, too, is a scholar. Immediately they had four children within six years. After ten years, Martin decided that maybe he liked men (the words “I am gay” is much too difficult for him to even say). Martin, subsequently, had an affair with a man and fell in love. He loves his children and his wife too much to ever leave the relationship, but even more than that, he considers the idea of uprooting everything all of his family and friends believe about him incongruent with his life’s path. Still, every day his life is a bit of an annoyance, having to pretend he doesn’t want to be with the man he has loved on and off for eight years, even though he has been in the marriage.

Martin’s problem is threefold.

  1. He accepts the now as an impermeable fact.
  2. He doesn’t believe he deserves happiness at the cost of his beloved family.
  3. Most importantly, he doesn’t believe that his wife and children and family will love him, even though, he could chose a different path than the normal for them to be a family.

All of these reasons are not enough to keep a person from living an Authentic Life, in my estimation. If you had no legs, right now, how would you handle the future? Would you give up? Would you find the best prosthesis available and struggle through the hard physical therapy until you could manage movement? Or would you crawl up in a ball and cry, “Why Me?”

Today is a perfect day to ask yourself the question: Who is the Author of My Destiny? Am I? Is the world? Is my current situation? Or does a part of my brain and functioning humanness have the courage to accept the present, honor it, but change in the face of great challenge?


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