We Can Be One Two-gether

When a person thinks about being one with someone, he/she usually imagines that person being his/her mate. When a person imagines togetherness, we often think about family and the tight bonds that blood brings. But when any two people develop an intimate connection, in essence, we actually rediscover our oneness with that person.

If you believe that we were all together with God before the worlds were formed, then, at one point outside of time, all spirits were merged with God. If this is true, then what we experience as separateness and segregation is really an illusion based on human principles and beliefs. The truth about all that exists is truly unity.

When spirit comes into body, it individuates. Every individual has a separate body and a unique personality or ego. But what happens when we close our eyes and gather in a circle? At the center of everyone involved is one exponentially large vision. It seems that the ego self merges into the larger Unified Self, which increases as people gather with the same purpose.

I believe when Jesus said that “where two or more are gathered, there I am,” He was considering the power of the Unified One. This would be like taking a crystal and shattering it. Each individual shard would be beautiful in its own right, but if parts of the whole connected together to reunite, more magnificence and power would be displayed—especially, if we consider the power and ability for crystal to hold memory and to refract light.

It seems a secret exists in the thought of unity. An entire religion is called Unity, based on practical Christian principles. In fact, Unity’s originator, Charles Fillmore, called it Practical Christianity. This religion has two very close cousins—The Centers of Spiritual Living and Christian Science. All three religions came as a result of a small group of spiritual visionaries studying together in the late 1800s. Out of this group splintered the three churches, which all have similar beliefs.

Practical Christianity or New Thought is basically an idea that the bible has more than a literal meaning. In fact, parables in the bible have strong metaphoric meaning as do the lives and stories of the bible’s characters going all the way back to Adam and Eve. Meta- means “out from.” So, believing in metaphysical principles of the bible would mean that you literally lift yourself out from the original meaning and strive for deeper and more experiential meaning.

I used to be a Pentecostal preacher who believed in the literal and only literal meaning of the bible. But even then, I was always searching in the Lexicon and Concordance for other meanings and translations because I would tend to come up empty when comparing the scriptures with my personal belief. I think that almost every preacher or biblical scholar initially begins his/her study to prove a point outside of tradition. I wanted to believe that God was bigger and more loving than I was taught as a young Christian. I wanted to believe that God had a better plan that heaven and hell, and as a Catholic for a time—purgatory.

As a result, I left religion for a while to study on my own. I realized that almost every religion had its unifying beliefs. At their core were very similar desires—to love, to unite, to heal, to give, to dwell in peace, and to gain compassion. No matter what religion you choose, there is one commonality—the idea of unity. When two or more are gathered in one belief, they create power.

Some have proven over the years that power can be dominated by ego and transform undeniable belief into evil and death.

So, finding one’s own authentic belief based on comfort, security, study, and ultimately, the heart’s leading, should precede unifying with others. Even then, I believe there will come times when you need to reach out to another belief or go inside to dig deeper where only God dwells solely with you.

Either way, your spiritual walk is based on your oneness with others and a total commitment to finding your deepest commitment to life, your brothers and sisters, and God.

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