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Beyond our differences, our language barriers, our religious idiosyncrasies, and individual laws; we can count on knowing, with certainty, when anyone from any culture smiles! Happiness translates without words, as does kindness, gratitude, love, and peace. The one truth we can count on today is that we will encounter many people. The multitude will know nothing of our beliefs, or us. However, the cost to us is free to smile and be a conduit of the love that is and always will be ours!

I do watch the Nightly News almost every evening. For thirty minutes, each day, I feel I have a responsibility to stay aware of what is going on around me. This keeps me connected to my humanness. However, I don’t get caught up in the bad news or let it change who I am and how I feel in that moment. I may feel compassion or concerned, but my peace doesn’t change as the result of some incident happening in the world.

You don’t have to watch the news too many days in a row to understand that everyday something bad happens in the world. But good things are going on around us as well. These bad and good things have no language, either.

We must always, however, counterbalance the bad with the good in our minds. Even if you have to turn on the cooking channel, after the news, and watch a show about eating your favorite food or view the travel channel to dream of your next vacation; make sure you keep a balanced mind about the world.

Life rains and storms on the bad and the good. No one is targeting you for bad things to happen. If you haven’t noticed, your neighbors were all in that last storm. Their electricity probably went out, as well. But, were you there, together, gathering around a candlelit room, telling stories about life and sharing the warmth of community? Storms give us the opportunity to show our own selves what we are made of—to show us our strengths. I’ve learned the most in my life during the worst of the storms.

Peace and joyful times are the icing on the cake! Prosperity and the gifts of life are, also, here on this earth for anyone to take—just like the bad is storming on the collective. Prosperity does not honor any particular person. What you see when you notice someone who is wealthy is a person who knows the law of prosperity. This is not God playing favorites. God knows no individuality. God or source expresses as Law. It’s up to you to understand that Law. If you had a toaster and you never plugged it in, would it be God’s fault. Read the instructions! Figure it out for yourself. You don’t have toast, because you are not using the Law of Electricity.

He or she has taken from the earth his share of prosperity is simply using the Law of Prosperity.

You don’t have to look to hard into the life of someone who is wealthy to see that their lives share the hardships of the world. But, if you ask someone who understands the concept of prosperity, he or she will tell you that each has taken certain steps toward having and keeping the money they acquired. This isn’t rocket science. You have to have a plan for prosperity. Trust the plan. Work out the kinks in your plan! And continue to move forward—with your foot on the gas—everyday toward your goal, to get to your goal!

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