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The Course in Miracles says that anything that is not love is an illusion. If this is true then most of our stories we think, deliberate, avenge, and retaliate against are simply a ruse from our egos to gain our attention. When the ego gets our attention we live in illusion and not in the present moment. This is the ego’s goal—to keep us from our God-existence our entire human life, until the ego eventually kills our illusive reality.

My father’s reality was vastly clouded by illusion his entire eight-six years. He rambled on constantly and consistently about everything and everybody who had ever done anything harmful to him to the point where he was never to blame. So, naturally, when he got pancreatic cancer there was no one left to blame, but, perhaps, smoking two packs of cigarettes a day. I feel fortunate to have been there when the illusion was ripped away. I finally saw a father I could love and honor. He admitted to me that the only thing on this earth that mattered was love. He even told my partner, then, that he was so happy that we had found each other and love, because that was all that mattered. And this was from a homophobic man, riddled with prejudice.

When you witness the difference between an angry illusion and pure love you get the point that I describe above. But, how do we keep our minds from the clutter of illusion? This is the hardest lesson any spiritual person can conquer. I know I wrestle with it almost every day. Yesterday, I became so exhausted from the clouds of illusion keeping me from the light of love that I simply curled up like a baby in bed and said to myself, I’ll just lie here believing. That’s the best I can do right now. I focused all of my attention on a golden light above me. Every time a fear, like a cloud, came to cover the light, I imagined that the light vaporized the illusion and went back to basking in the light of love.

When I awoke from a small nap, I felt better. My lesson, lately, has been that “nothing outside myself can complete me or make me happy.” Try a day saying that affirmation to your self! What you end understanding is that your entire world is made up of things that you think will make you a happy person. But, our reality is that love alone is our entire sustenance. If the foundation of God in Spirit is love, and we are one with Spirit; then, we must be made of love. Love is complete, whole, prosperous, and compassionate. Without all of our stuff, do we feel the attributes of the Spirit?

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