Weight Loss on the Holiday: Digging Myself Out of the Just One More ??? Hole!

When I got to Florida, I was so proud of myself, because I had gotten down to a weight that I had not seen for ten years. Slowly, but surely, the weight began to return with a vengeance. However, I had a swimming pool that I used to do laps and then a yoga practice to stretch everyday while it was warm enough. Now, I’m doing no aerobics and eating the entire holiday table. Honestly, I feel as if I have done better than everyone else around me, taking smaller helpings and eating one instead of ten desserts, but I still have gained ten pounds in four months. What to do?

Well, we all know that New Years is right around the bend. Most of us are secretly whispering to ourselves: “I have just one more week to cheat, then I will get back to my regular diet and to exercising this extra weight off.”

The problem with this theory is that you will need approximately three months to get ten pounds off, especially if this is JUST holiday weight. I guarantee you that you will have the impetus to last a month doing all the right things—eating the correct food, exercising daily for an hour. But most people poop out after that. Suddenly, a new holiday appears where chocolate is the presiding gift. And the same dialogue goes through our minds: “Just a couple of days for Valentine’s day to over do it.” Then, a spring vacation comes. Then two birthdays in a row with cake and more cake.

I really felt as if I had a handle on this problem after all of my trials the last two years in gaining and losing weight. But, apparently, I’m just as human as everyone around me. If my dog smells steak after eating his entire bowl of food, he’s going to eat it no matter how hungry he is. I believe we all have that innate desire.

Too late in the process, I decided that I can say to myself: “Hey, Bo, those desserts will be there tomorrow if you want another one. I know that first one tasted so good. But waiting until tomorrow can be a great way to show yourself that you have control!” I, also, really should have made it to the gym more during the holiday, especially since waiting in traffic and on long lines did anything but give me exercise. Exhaustion, yes, but not exercise.

So, I’m headed to the gym today to do my hour of aerobics and begin a new regimen of eating anything but leftover holiday junk.

Then, my mother yells, “Dinner,” at 10 p.m. She served my favorite, PASTA!

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