What About Forgiveness? Can Unforgiveness Cause Illness and Addictive Behavior?

It has been said that “when you hold unforgiveness in your heart, you actually hurt yourself. The negative energy that you hold in your body and mind is like a poison. Is this true for you? What if you hold unforgiveness for yourself? How does this affect your mind and body?

Recently a client asked me these very important questions. Each deserves a specific reply. Let’s start with the first question below:


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“Life is full of moments that make up your story. Some are good, some bad.” Some cause you to hold onto the memory with anger. However, every day we surge forward with our desire to heal from the unforgiveness. Still, this pain from the past seems to inhabit the mind like a leech. You know it’s sucking you dry of your vital energy, but it won’t let go. Or is it that if you let go of it, you may have to deal with the emptiness inside from that space that it leaves in your mind?

Most times we let negativity occupy our brain because we are simply afraid of not feeling anything. I have heard from clients: “I’d rather be feeling something than nothing.”

My response is always: “What’s wrong with thinking nothing? Thinking nothing is simply peace of mind! This is what the yogis and meditation see as the pinnacle of bliss. What’s so bad about this?

Also, emptying your mind of negativity leaves room for positivity and loving people to enter into your life.

Have you ever seen someone who has just gotten out of a bad relationship in a bar or at a party? They seem anxious and absolutely too ready to find someone to replace the old. This kind of anxiousness can detract new people from coming into their lives. Anyone going through a bad situation involving unforgivness must sit with his or her pain long enough to heal, before setting out to find someone new. Anesthetizing pain with another person is not the solution!

Unforgiveness for yourself is a bit different from the latter response. When you hold yourself responsible for something negative in your life,  you actually have to be the one who not only forgives yourself, but also initiates and accepts the forgiveness.

This dynamic is more difficult and may take the intervention of a professional. Self-imposed guilt and stress due to the mind occupying unforgiveness for yourself is the worst poison of all. If you have this, I’d recommend you see a professional and work it out immediately.

The affect of this on your body and soul is: You will end up sick and or very open to taking on an addiction—like and especially—overeating and obesity.

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  1. Bo Sebastian

    To begin the healing process from any break-up or divorce or even a friendship that has gone to the wayside, you must work on yourself. The forgiveness process is essential in this work. This blog helps identify the problem and alleviate it.


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