What Are You Waiting For?

I spent almost my entire life waiting for others to make my life to happen. As an actor, I waited for producers and directors to choose me. As a singer, I waited for people to buy my album and record companies to promote me. As a writer, I waited for agents, then publishing companies to deem my work successful. And the big waiting game, I anxiously longed my entire life for a relationship that would make me happy! But the big truth is: What was I waiting for?

All of life and everything wonderful is always ours by Divine Right. If you believe that you have to wait for your good to happen, you put your mind in a constant state of homeostasis, feeling as if life is about waiting, not doing—gestating, not creating. My life changed completely three years ago when I decided to take my own career into my hands and stop waiting for my good to come to me. I decided that the seven books that were not published just sitting on my computer needed to be manifested. I didn’t begin this process thinking, who will buy my books? I did this take my career into my own hands and into the hands of Divine Law. By doing so, I showed myself and the universe that I could take my ideas, make them into books, and put them on the Internet for people to buy and honor. I started a brand, called Finding Authentic You that would house all of my products and services. I made the mold big enough for divine spirit to fill it with all good, happiness, contentment, satisfaction, and prosperity.

As I set out to produce a life that was totally inspired by Spirit, I knew that I wanted to dedicate some of my good to the earth and to the greater good. I think this is an important aspect of offering in whatever unique way you produce. Remember, you plant the seed—God grows the tree. You make the mold—God fills the mold with divine substance. So, your part is here to do NOW, not tomorrow.

Once you do your part, then you wait to see the manifestation of your good, already knowing that you have done your part and the universe, according to God’s impenetrable Law, must come forth in powerful, prosperous, and wonderful ways. Your only duty is to step forth as a warrior and take your masculine energy (it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman—the masculine energy is the manifestation of action) and step into your dream NOW!

So, stop sitting on your hands and begin to make your life happen! This life is yours to live now. If you’re older, you know that life goes by like a flash of light. So, what you have set out to do with your human existence must start immediately; otherwise, you will spend the rest of your days simply waiting for that which you should have produced through the divine working of the Law. It’s like giving a child some playdough and telling him/her to create something. The playdough is divine substance that God has given you and said, “Make something—anything, my child—out of my divine and perfect energy. And this ‘something’ shall be yours to offer the world.”

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