What Can I Do, Earth? #savetheearth

The Buddhists have a great, daily prayer: “What can I do for the world today?” In my daily prayers, I often forget to ask the brilliant question that so needs to be answered by all of us individually and collectively: What is mine to do today? Sit in the silence, after asking this question, believing that the wisdom and emotion of your mind and body will lead you to the right and proper place of alignment with the universe’s needs.

Lately, as I have more time to meditate and focus my energy on emotional and spiritual change and my writing, I am being led in different directions to help me be in the right place, in the right time, for something incredibly specific to either help the world or contribute to my specific learning. As a result, I have had more AHA moments in the past month than I have ever had in my life.

For example, I am working on a novel based on a fictionalized version of my own life story called: On the Edge of Learning Alone: A Diary of Anxious Attachment. Before I left Nashville, my goal was to recreate every moment in all my pertinent relationships that contributed to my anxious need for relationship as an adult.

I did this, primarily, to put some much needed periods on sentences that have plagued my entire adult life. When I began to reread the story, which was my intent when I got to Florida, I realized that if I fictionalized the book, it could be the most amazing literary work I have ever written, as the authentic truth just bleeds through every page. However, when I got to the end of the novel, I realized that I had no ending. Instead of fretting about that fact, I decided to simply wait until an ending appeared.

My friend, Thereza, came to visit me for my birthday. As we drove home from a great evening together, she shared with me an insight about my own life I had shared with her before I had left Nashville. However, I don’t even remember ever saying the words she repeated. The result was the answer to my open question about the end of the book.

The answers to all of our queries of God, the earth, and the universe, are just within our grasp. However, sometimes, we must wait with the knowing that the answer is present, but simply hasn’t appeared yet. This was the case with the end of the novel. I couldn’t have imagined a better ending to the most amazing spiritual trip anyone could take—from complete abandonment and abuse to learning to be happy and Alone with God.

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