What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Many say that knowledge is power! Sometimes, though, the knowledge of how much money we make, what kind of lifestyle we have, and what kind of car we drive, makes the difference between choosing a vocation and a job. A vocation is a career that you are suited for and called to do in your heart by Spirit. A job is simply a vehicle to get you the money to do the “things” you would like to do in your life.

Many of us who have gone through the majority of our working career and have raised families realize, now, that what we had chosen was a job, not a vocation. Could it, now, be time to remodel our lives and choose a new path—perhaps, this time a vocation?

I recently decided that I wanted to make more time in my life to sing and act. This would be an avocation, as it would be more of a hobby or a part-time engagement. I have been doing much of what I enjoy doing in my work life as an entrepreneur with four types of work I do, but I actually trained in college to be a singer and an actor. I had let go of the artistic side of my life to pursue other dreams and actually make money enough to have a house and a nice car and a “modern family.” Fortunately, for me, though, most of what I do for money has been a vocation.

Now that I have attained all of things that make me comfortable in life, I feel that I have reverted to a young child asking the universe for a way to fulfill my open heart where my avocation is concerned. Is this not what happens to so many people at 50-60? So, how do we cause this to appear in our busy lives?

Many of you know that what we set in mind, we produce in kind in our lives. If this is true, we need to, first, decide to open our hearts to the calling of our true avocation or vocation. By that, I mean that every day we set an intention for spirit to guide us and open doors to create a new path of nurturing for ourselves and those whom our lives will touch once we change our path.

My affirmation for today is: “I am open and willing for great opportunity in my life, as Unlimited Good follows me all the days of my life and leads me to my avocation.”

The next thing we need to do is make space for our new life. We can’t expect Spirit to fill a vessel that is already full. You must look at your life and begin to make room for this new venture. I had to let go of one of four careers to open space for this new endeavor. This was a difficult choice, because teaching voice lessons had sustained me for a great many years—actually, 27 years. As I retire this part of my life that involved music, it would make sense that more music will flow into my life in new and different ways, through a different tributary.

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