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I had an interesting experience yesterday. On the way home from an audition, since I was close, I stopped in to see an ex-boyfriend, someone I had loved very much, but who hurt me deeply. Even while I was driving to his place of work, I had no idea why I was going there. However, I knew I needed to see him.

When I walked through the front door, he didn’t seem surprised to see me. In fact, he told me he had gotten to the store early, as he didn’t usually open for another hour.

We were both a little uncomfortable to hug, to talk. I told him I just wanted to say, hello, give him a hug, and be on my way. He detained me a bit with a few questions. I remained uncomfortable answering. I didn’t want him to share too much about his life or his current love, as I suspected he had. I kept asking myself if I were there because I wondered if I was still holding on to love, which needed to be released.

When I left, I was 99% convinced this man was the past, and that it was the right decision for him to break it off with me. I got a text message from him, later that evening that said, “I should have told you while you were at the shop that I am seeing someone right now who is very special.”

My reaction to the text was peculiar, different than what I had expected. It was a little anxious, as in the past anxiousness seems to always be around relationship—childhood issues, I know. So, I sat with the feelings. I had never grieved the breakup with him. I had only been angry, because I felt as if he had deceived me with his cunning way of drawing me close, then deciding I wasn’t enough, and ultimately, his real truth, that he wanted to see other people.

In my quietness, this divine message came to light:

If I truly believed that there is only ONE MIND, and this Mind is shared by all, then, a part of every human being we encounter in our lives is leading us to our highest and best. This is the case even when we feel as if someone is inviting us to leave his life. My ex directed me, just as much as the minister might direct me with words of encouragement.

All rejection is just a confirmation that we are moving on the wrong path. We must accept this concept and learn to live without placing “right” and “wrong” values on life situations. All people are living truth within this one perfect mind, as best as they can, and this same truth, emanating from the one Mind is leading us to our best and perfect path.

It was as if I drove into my past to find this answer—hidden in pain— that I refused to look at then, but was ready to see NOW. “I once was lost, but now I see!”


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