What Does Your Personal Warning Label Say?

What Does Your Personal Warning Label Say?

You may be concerned about what designer label you’re wearing this week. But believe me, you should be more concerned about the message you are sending with your body language, your demeanor and your words. You could be sending the following signals to people you want to impress:

  • “I have a bad time with relationships, so be scared to have one with me!”
  • “I’m too overweight to be pretty or handsome?”
  • “I’m too scared to talk to anyone, DO NOT APPROACH ME!”
  • “I have never been successful at anything, so don’t expect much of me.”

The list could go on and on and on.

I’m sure if you think right off the top of your mind, you will know one label you wear for certain. And I bet you proudly wear it well. Imagine what you would be without that label. Would life feel foreign? Would you be open to change?

I am told my label used to be: “I am all together and nothing can shake me!”

Well, it’s easy to remember the day that this label became null and void. I had been in a relationship for eight years, the day my partner left his email open on his desktop. Things had been rocky for six months, and I was suspicious. So I looked at the titles of the emails and saw one that stuck out. The man I had been with for seven years before that current relationship had sent my partner an email.  I opened it to discover….

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