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For twenty years at the end of December, I would take a trip by myself to dream, journal, and manifest a palpable vision of the coming year. When I would return from my time alone, I would have an outline of goals, desires, and specific activities I would always set out to accomplish. Looking back at my life, keeping to this set of goals is what helped me complete 15 books, a yoga DVD, ten MP3’s, a solo album, becoming a yogi master, working on stage in NYC, in films, and television, building a successful business for years in Nashville, and all of the other smaller but relevant accomplishments in my life. I have stayed on course, even when I didn’t see any kind of financial manifestations for some of the goals, especially with my books and with my art. Holding on to a dream is absolutely the most important part of achieving your desires in life.

One year, however, I set out on my yearly quest to find that my only goal was to NOT HAVE A GOAL. I prayed and meditated, as I had usually done, but nothing came to mind but this one antithesis of my normal goal setting. When I returned home that year, I realized that this new goal was a spiritual goal that was much harder than any goal I had ever attempted. In fact, what I believed spirit was trying to teach me was to honor the NOW and get out of my head about what I believed I could accomplish. You see, accomplishing many things became my goal. But accomplishments are not necessarily the divine ingredient for spiritual success.

Yes, we have to have our foot on the gas and be in the driver’s seat to move forward in life, but without spiritual direction, we can drive in circles for our entire life and never find peace and joy. When I see the difference between being LED and using books and outlines to move forward, I can certainly see why I had spent two years trying to undo my old story about success.

Just before I moved to Florida, I took six months to write my old story. I actually completed a manuscript using my old story, which I’m now shopping with an agent to publishers. I decided that I needed to transcribe my old ways, reread and edit my story, then release my past, completely, to the universe to be able to settle into a brand new paradigm in Florida. I go into meditation with this one simple intent:

To be a conduit of spirit.

When I awaken, I usually have a clear idea of what needs to be accomplished that day. If I hear nothing, I work on things that are my personal goals like a singing act I’m producing with a friend, writing another book, practicing the piano, definitely exercising every day, or maybe just relaxing with a good book.

Divine Purpose comes first in life. When Spirit doesn’t lead me to a goal in one specific day, I realize another harder goal: Waiting in the Silence! When you understand how to be at peace in nothingness, you begin to understand God in you in a completely and new way!

In the silence there is a secret place, a secret meeting place. God is there!

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