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As anyone gets older, we say “My memory used to be much better when I was younger” or “I seem to have more trouble remembering things the older I get.” I know the words have slipped out of my mouth, despite the fact that I believe in confessing my truth, not my fiction. In today’s discover, I would like to look at the opposite side of memory loss—the good in not remembering the past.

For someone who spends his day having to field ground balls, high flying hits, and throws from players who have bad arms, I find that the thoughts I field daily end up wasting half of my day. Thoughts from my past cloud my mind and leave no room for new thought and Divine inspiration. So, I wonder just how much of forgetting I am worried about. I am certainly not wishing for Alzheimer’s disease—absolutely not. I want the power of my mind that creates, deliberates, and turns old thoughts into powerful new ones. Yes! However, that part of my mind that seems to work overtime at remembering old struggles, that I certainly want to completely degenerate.

So, how do we get to the place where we no longer have to field old thoughts from the past? This is the question that is on most spiritual thinker’s minds. If we could only resist the past, quit deliberating on the future, and remain in the NOW, we would be completely spiritually actualized, right?

So, how does anyone accomplish this? I hear teachers such as Eckhart Tolle teaching the wisdom of Buddhism to help us stay in the now. I want to live as he says. I use the tools he gives. Yet, I suddenly find myself thinking about a past hurt. Where did that thought come from?

I follow that thought back to where it began in my mind. Ultimately, it was a trigger. A song comes on the radio that reminds me of a person. That person reminds me of another friend. That friend was the cousin of my ex. My ex used to treat her like he treated me… Alas, I’m back at the beginning, thinking about my past hurts.

How do we go through life without triggers?

Actually, we can resist many of the triggers by reducing stimuli that we cannot control. For instance, television, movies, and radio all talk to us and to our subconscious. In fact, some commercials are specifically designed to get into your subconscious and bring up fear, hunger, and insecurity to open our minds to purchase something to alleviate said things.

So, what would happen if you did not turn on the radio and spend much of the day in silence? Would this reduce the risk of reliving the past? It may. But, what living life without undo stimuli would certainly do is force you do deal with your unwieldy mind. We turn on all of these devices to keep us from being in our quiet mind. We do not like what is in our minds, so we run away from it. Then we find that this same stimulus that was to keep us from remembering the past is actually leading us right back to the past, where we do not want to be.

Quiet is a good thing. Silence in the mind is only wrought by reducing stimulus, learning how to train the mind to stay present, and being vigilant to the process of thoughts that trigger the past. This is all training we must allow ourselves to learn; otherwise, we will never overcome the power of the past.

In silence there is peace! In the silence there is unspoken. God is in the silence.


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