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I have always been the one in a group who TRIES to take control, when I see that a situation is going awry or is in disarray. I had always thought that this was a good quality and one of my strong suits, until I decided to resist this impulse and see what happens if I DO NOT try to help organize. The result was very interesting.

I have never thought it was an unwise decision to be the organizer, because someone has to be. But, what often happens in situations like this is that you become an enabler and by taking control too soon, you do not let people who are quiet and deliberating to have a voice. It’s as if everyone is waiting for you to take over, or you believe that everyone is waiting for you, especially if this is the family or a group of close friends who see you as the person to put everyone in order. What would happen if you did not control this time? Who would take over? Would anyone?

I learned a great lesson by watching an adept teacher in a large classroom of disorganized people. I watched how he would pose questions. People would begin to respond, often over each other. Yet, he barely ever stopped to control the situation. He peacefully waited until the situation began to resolve itself, before he stepped in. And in the lesson, I noticed that people often came to better conclusions when they realized their own dysfunctional ways and chose better ones.

So, you may ask, what if I am the leader of group of people at work or I am a manager, isn’t it my job to organize or stay in control? Yes, indeed, it is your job to make sure that the job gets done correctly and on time. But that doesn’t mean that you cannot trust everyone in your group to step up to their own power to get this job done correctly. In fact, the best managers set out to appoint specific people to lead with their unique attributes, which allows the entire group to be benefited by everyone’s ideas, not just one. Then, in the end, it is your job to make sure the quality is great and that it is done on time.

I remember watching one of my favorite shows on television: So You Think You Can Dance. At one point in the audition process, groups of four and five dancers have to come up with choreography together. The groups that organically let the process happen with all of the dancers contributing, most often had the best dances and went on to win. When the dancers let one person make all the decisions, they ended up with contention and bad choreography. We all have our gifts in life. It is important to allow each person’s gift to be honored while working with a group.

If what you are trying to control in your life is anything that does not involve people, then your only point of contention is Spiritual. So, if you have a choice between allowing Spirit to lead or for you to use your 2-dimensional thoughts to do the job, which would you choose? I’m going to bet on Spirit to have the best answers.

I have noticed that when I wait long enough, usually until the last hour for Spirit’s inspiration in any big decision, I often allow the perfect amount of time to transpire to get all of the results needed to make the best decision in any given situation.


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