What Happens Next?

What Happens Next?

I had a close friend tell me a story of helping people with Post Traumatic Stress. He shared in the midst of a bad mental break, he would have a client repeat after him a list of numbers in tangible order. Then begin to create disorder, adding wrong numbers and even random words, confusing the logical side of the brain. This method has been used to help diffuse PTSD triggers in many cases.

So, yesterday, I had a PTSD moment and decided to try it without a practitioner’s help. I began to think of a logical set of numbers and repeated them while putting illogical words and numbers in the place of what logically should go there. It actually worked in minutes.

I realized that the reason it work was the logic sequence of my brain was moving toward a + b = c, a normal progression for depression. So, if I messed up the logic, I would mess up the progression toward depression. A fairly simple idea to help a fairly large problem.

Today I began to think about the television show “Touch,” where a young, mute child decides to help the world by deciphering the randomness of the world by using numbers. As I was thinking about my disordered number pattern, I began to think that somewhere “this” was order. And the patterns in my life, though they seemed completely random, were causing synchronistic events somewhere along the path of someone’s life, and perhaps mine after a while.

All in all, even what seems illogical is perfectly logical to God. Because no one can even begin to decipher the paranormal events that bring together the world and all of its wonderful and magical and tragic factors that make us human living in a spiritual phenomena.

Today, I pray for the faith to help me live in this mass confusion with grace.


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